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Coating & Jacketing Fabric

A good coat can be real investment. So why not make your own to ensure it is a style and fit that you love? This is our selection of coating fabrics; some of the coating fabrics will keep you dry, other coating fabrics will keep you warm. So wherever you plan on wearing the coat you make, you can rest assured that it will serve you well.

Photography of Boiled Wool - Green

Boiled Wool - Green

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in green.
Part number: 1810M07
Photography of Boiled Wool - Beige

Boiled Wool - Beige

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in beige.
Part number: 1810M02
Photography of Boiled Wool - Damson

Boiled Wool - Damson

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in damson.
Part number: 1810M01
Photography of Boiled Wool - Pink

Boiled Wool - Pink

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in pink.
Part number: 1810M06
Photography of Wool - Herringbone

Wool - Herringbone

This is fairly different to all the others in that it has a faint, but positive herringbone weave pattern in grey, beige, a red colour rust and a mix of all these in addition to having a fairly fine white line over check.
Part number: 1807K04
Photography of Wool - Game On

Wool - Game On

158cm wide traditional Gamekeepers British wool tweed in many shades of brown with a fine line over check in dark red. A stunning cloth
Part number: 1807K07
Photography of Mouflon - Beige

Mouflon - Beige

A beautiful lightweight wool coating fabric in beige - lightly brushed lightweight wool mouflon, you could call this a wool fleece. Perfect for a lightweight coat.
Part number: 1702J04a
Photography of Undercover


CAN'T FIND ANY FORM OR NAMED PHOTO TO FIGURE IT OUT. Need Caroline's description & price.
Part number: 1809J16
Photography of Is It A Bird?

Is It A Bird?

134cm wide, polyester, jacketing in black with an all over floral/butterfly pattern in pink, mustard, deep turquoise, grey and the odd hint of silver.
Part number: 1807M10
Photography of Burr


150cm wide, Black superfine polyester woven velvet with the softest hand you will ever come across. Quite substantial, without a lot of weight. Gorgeous.
Part number: 1808B24
Photography of Taken Aback

Taken Aback

It is a Superb Italian Ponte Roma and made from 68% viscose, 27% polyamide, 5% spandex. It is 150cm wide made up of black and very pale grey yarns and is altogether rather splendid.
Part number: 1807M02
Photography of A Problem

A Problem

it is a black cotton lightweight trousering with the tiniest of woven diamond shapes. In addition to this it has a very soft hand and a dull sheen to the finish. It can be formal or in-formal according to your mood. 154cm wide.
Part number: 1807P01

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