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Soft Furnishing Fabrics

We do not specialise in furnishing fabrics but a lot of what we have can be suitable for cushions, curtains, blinds, beanbags, hammocks, sofas and more. So this is a little selection.
Photography of Sewing Room - Pale Grey

Sewing Room - Pale Grey

113cm wide cotton poplin fabric in a warm pale grey. Great for dresses, soft furnishings and crafts.
Part number: 5013b
Photography of Sewing Room - Olive

Sewing Room - Olive

113cm wide cotton poplin fabric in a lovely shade of olive. Great for dresses, soft furnishings and crafts. 
Part number: 5013a
Photography of Sewing Room - Small Berry

Sewing Room - Small Berry

133cm wide cotton poplin fabric with an all over tiny black and white check Scattered over this are small strawberries. Use this to make a dress, crafts or soft furnishings.
Part number: 5012i
Photography of Sewing Room - Coral Island

Sewing Room - Coral Island

150cm wide white cotton poplin with tropical flowers in blue, coral and purple, the green leaves give it that extra something.
Part number: 5012y
Photography of Sewing Room - Midnight Wander

Sewing Room - Midnight Wander

150cm wide dark navy cotton poplin with creamy off white flowers all over it. This cloth will make a lovely dress, or soft furnishings. It would make up nicely in crafts too.
Part number: 5012x
Photography of Sewing Room - Music Lesson Brown

Sewing Room - Music Lesson Brown

113cm wide brown cotton poplin with musical notes and instruments printed all over. This cotton fabric is perfect for craft projects, clothing and light furnishings.
Part number: 5012w
Photography of Sewing Room - Thera

Sewing Room - Thera

113cm wide white cotton poplin with a geometric print that looks like diamonds in circles, in browns, blues, greens and grey.Perfect for soft furnishings, crafts and clothes.
Part number: 5012v
Photography of Sewing Room - Suzi

Sewing Room - Suzi

113cm wide off white poplin with mid-sized green flowers all over, each with a striking yellow centre.Perfect for dresses, crafts and light furnishings.
Part number: 5012u
Photography of Sewing Room - A Nice Pear White

Sewing Room - A Nice Pear White

113cm wide. White cotton poplin with apples and pears in oranges, yellows, greens and blue - and various tones of those colours. Tasty. 
Part number: 5012t
Photography of Sewing Room - Island Life

Sewing Room - Island Life

113cm wide bluey-green cotton poplin with an all over floral print that you might find adorning the natives of a tropical island.
Part number: 5012s
Photography of Sewing Room - Sherbet

Sewing Room - Sherbet

113cm wide pink cotton poplin fabric with an all over small scale white leaf print. This will make a lovely dress, soft furnishing or some very pretty crafts.
Part number: 5012r
Photography of Sewing Room - Secret Weapon

Sewing Room - Secret Weapon

113cm wide aqua coloured cotton poplin. They say perfume is a woman's secret weapon, however it is printed all over this fabric - so it cannot be that secret.
Part number: 5012q

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