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Shirting & Blouse

Here is our collection of shirting fabrics. We also have many printed and plain cottons and poplins which are suitable for shirting so if you are interested please click here and take a look.
Photography of Foot On The Stairs

Foot On The Stairs

150cm wide light bottle green polyester pongee dress fabric made up of as much fine yarn as you can shake a stick at. Incredibly fine, soft and silky somebody must have known what they were doing when they made it. Im not sure, but you can make your mind
Part number: 6267
Photography of My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven

145cm wide beautiful cotton lawn in French navy blue with an all over suspiciously sparse bright pale blue and beige floral print. Beautifully made and finished cloth.
Part number: 6266
Photography of Woodland Bog - Navy

Woodland Bog - Navy

145cm wide lovely cotton shirting in navy blue with an all over rust fern print.
Part number: 6265b
Photography of Woodland Bog - Olive

Woodland Bog - Olive

145cm wide lovely cotton shirting in olive with an all over quite small fern print.
Part number: 6265a
Photography of Tierra Del Fuego

Tierra Del Fuego

146cm wide fine soft peachskin finished polyester blouse cloth in a riot of bold and contemporary design, do not be afraid.
Part number: 6262
Photography of Black And Blue

Black And Blue

150cm wide polyester black and blue jacquard suiting with a leafy sort of pattern, background being blue and pattern in black. I didnt think Id like this but I dare say its got class and growing on me.
Part number: 6261
Photography of Epidemic


150cm wide soft fine black polyester jersey with a tiny all over white spot design, beautifully simple, beautifully soft and a delight to wear.
Part number: 6259
Photography of Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

156cm wide awfully fine wool suiting in a dark brown, not a black, a dark brown. If you place this further back from that in certain light, just a hint of purple and how the dicking they get it to feel soft as this I cant imagine.
Part number: 6243
Photography of John Kaldor - Body Stocking

John Kaldor - Body Stocking

180cm wide, super fine 72% viscose 20% wool and 8% elastane jersey in a very dark mottled black/ grey incredibly soft and probably made as a base layer fabric which may or may not wick away body odours and dampness.
Part number: 6253
Photography of A Bit Of A Picnic

A Bit Of A Picnic

145cm wide very fine cotton needle cord in navy with an all over higgeldy piggeldy tiny teddy bear print, aaah!
Part number: 6251
Photography of Lifting


This 150cm wide cotton linen denim lightweight trousering / shirting fabric comes in a light brown. Which with not a great deal of effort can become a cloth that might look a bit untidy but when ironed can look extremely smart.
Part number: 6250
Photography of Being There

Being There

150cm wide lightweight yet quite substantial polyester dress fabric in black, although theres not a lot of the black showing with an all over slightly abstract but recognizable floral pattern in wonderfully bright pink, yellow, green, orange and rust ton
Part number: 6249

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