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Shirting & Blouse

Here is our collection of shirting fabrics. We also have many printed and plain cottons and poplins which are suitable for shirting so if you are interested please click here and take a look.
Photography of John Kaldor - A Brighter White

John Kaldor - A Brighter White

146cm wide fairly substantial polyester elastane crepe in a brilliant white with an all over, quite separated floral pattern in turquoise and black, this might be a bit out of season now but roll on next summer!
Part number: 6248
Photography of John Kaldor - Pease Pudding

John Kaldor - Pease Pudding

140cm wide beautifully light polyester crepe in an all over abstract floral pattern with shades of green, orange and white on a rich cobalt blue background, I insist that you like this one.
Part number: 6246
Photography of John Kaldor - Piaf

John Kaldor - Piaf

145cm wide fine woven polyester satin in black with a quite huge open floral print in shades of pink with black centres and green foliage the pattern is vertical and in 3 rows one of which runs into the selvedge. A bit of art deco Paris.
Part number: 6245
Photography of What The...

What The...

160cm wide fine viscose jersey, printed in such a way as to suggest it is lace, well at least some of it does. Where it is black with a green print that could conceivably be accused of being lace the rest of it I am not so sure about......The rest consist
Part number: 6241
Photography of John Kaldor - Shepherds Delight

John Kaldor - Shepherds Delight

This 145cm wide rich red densely woven beautifully draping polyester dress cloth comes in a vivid red with an all over reasonably sized floral pattern in shades of yellow, mustard, green and brown with hints of lilac and white. What a frock this will mak
Part number: 6240a
Photography of John Kaldor - It Is No Exaggeration ...

John Kaldor - It Is No Exaggeration ...

You might well be looking at the design in this cloth close to looking through binoculars. It has, and it is no exaggeration to say a large flower design, not little flowers, and no sprigs here and there just big bold flowers in beautiful pastel shades on
Part number: 6239
Photography of B & B

B & B

145cm wide lightweight polyester John Kaldor crepe dress fabric in a rich French navy blue with a very large floral leafy pattern in white, lilac, purple, deep red and pink. This is not a shrinking violet and is beautiful.
Part number: 6238
Photography of John Kaldor - Portia On My Mind

John Kaldor - Portia On My Mind

This cloth has a look of the view one might get through a high speed train window as it passes through a city at high speed, and it is fair to say that things are probably a little bit blurred. The cloth itself is an absolutely beautiful polyester spandex
Part number: 6237
Photography of Escape To Peru

Escape To Peru

130cm wide loosely woven soft floppy almost suiting in many shades of grey made up of black and grey yarns in a multiplicity of woven patterns, all of which might be seen in a poncho along with the rotten teeth up in the Andes.
Part number: 6236
Photography of Military Checked - Woollen Jacquard

Military Checked - Woollen Jacquard

154cm wide, this extraordinary jacquard wool dress cloth is another fabric made for the catwalks. On first inspection it is simply a beautiful soft black and brown plaid wool suiting, but then you see a military style abstract.
Part number: 6231
Photography of Softly Does It

Softly Does It

150cm wide, soft cotton check fabric in forest green with a blue, red, beige and cream tartan. Lovely for skirts.
Part number: 6227
Photography of Rockabilly


150cm wide, lovely cotton poplin black and white gingham fabric.
Part number: 6223

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