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Here you will find all of our suiting fabrics available to buy online. Please look at the sub menus for more guidance.
Photography of Needle & Thread - Bronze

Needle & Thread - Bronze

If what the Romans did wasn’t enough, here they are doing it again! With the reverse of the previous item, this time the main body is in a rust/bronze colour and edged in black.
Part number: 1810M20*
Photography of Needle & Thread - Black

Needle & Thread - Black

150CM wide black polyester dress/lightweight suiting cloth with a large all over creeping leafy print in bronze, absolute class.
Part number: 1810M19*
Photography of Denim - Drain Pipes And DM'S

Denim - Drain Pipes And DM'S

132cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, stretch denim in black. Enough stretch to make tight garments and just enough to help it drape if that’s what you want.
Part number: 1805BEG04
Photography of Denim - Mood Indigo

Denim - Mood Indigo

140cm wide, 97%cotton, 3% elastane stretch denim, in fairly traditional denim blue in a broken twill weave, just one way stretch and light weight.
Part number: 1805BEG03
Photography of Kiss Me Hardy

Kiss Me Hardy

152cm wide, black jacket weight hopsack weave woollen cloth, which you may of seen in unstructured men’s jackets or rather more formal structured ladies coats. Yorkshire made cloth by John B Hardy. We only have a small amount.
Part number: 1611J04*
Photography of Pull Yourself Together

Pull Yourself Together

This 140cm wide softly fairly loosely woven coating is in itself a cure for all ills. It is made from every dark colour you can think of, all beautifully put together.
Part number: 1811J02*
Photography of Hob Goblin

Hob Goblin

152 cm wide, black jacketing / light weight coating cloth with a sort of bobbly weave. It is not a boucle because there are no loose elements but there are lots of little bumps which are joined together to form little diamond shapes. All of which gives su
Part number: 1611J02*
Photography of I-Flannel


140cm wide, 69% polyester, 29% viscose, 2% elastane, very soft, woven, flannel suiting in light navy. Very tactile, and very wearable.
Part number: 1808J08
Photography of Bargain Hunt- A Sample

Bargain Hunt- A Sample

158cm wide, lightweight wool coating in a plaid weave in navy blue and black. There is in the light a hint of another colour, it could be purple but it hides itself rather well.
Part number: 1610J01
Photography of Bargain Hunt- Eat In

Bargain Hunt- Eat In

160cm wide, quiet remarkable fine wool suiting in the tiniest of birds eye pattern weaves. The quality of fused yarns fine enough to give the cloth a very slight sheen a suiting to impress.
Part number: 1808J22*
Photography of Hayworth


150CM wide black woven polyester, acrylic, light weight suiting with a quite wonderful all over floral weave in all manner of colourful lustrous yarns.
Part number: 1812JK16
Photography of Ava


132cm wide, navy blue polyester viscose lightweight suiting with an absolutely all over jacquard design in the body colour…. A wonderful cloth.
Part number: 1812JK18

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