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Here you will find all of our suiting fabrics available to buy online. Please look at the sub menus for more guidance.
Photography of Handmade and Raw - Lilac

Handmade and Raw - Lilac

127cm wide handmade silk, not a soft silky dress silk but a slightly coarser suiting cloth. It comes in what is described as lilac with cream thread running through it, which gives cloth a luxury linen look.
Part number: 8185c
Photography of Special Selection - Winter Berry

Special Selection - Winter Berry

150cm wide woollen Italian made 84% wool and 16% mohair suiting fabric is in what would be described as a dark red winter berry colour.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Triple Crepe - Black

Triple Crepe - Black

150cm wide deepest black polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality. A wonderful weight and very drapey.
Part number: 1570c
Photography of Formality


148cm wide lightweight quite fine black swirly polyester skirt fabric which will add formality without the worry of what happens when you spill on it.
Part number: 6277
Photography of Clobberator


150cm wide cotton viscose and silk suiting/heavy weight shirting in a black, navy and cream very gated horizontal stripe. The writing on the ticket suggest is ought to be a menís cloth but we canít have that kind of discrimination now can we?!. A stunning
Part number: 6274
Photography of Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

This 100% polyester suiting in a black silver grey interlinked weave, which in fact isnít woven at all itís knitted. Could be confused with a crimplene of yesteryear but since crimplene of yesteryear has made a comeback in different guises of late, thereí
Part number: 6269
Photography of Marooned


140cm wide polyester basket weaved suiting in a lovely shade of damson with just a hint of a sheen in the highlights of the weave. Soft and drape and very easy to look after.
Part number: 6268
Photography of Karla


125cm wide black soft poly viscose, slightly satinised, slightly stretchy, lightweight suiting with a little bit of weave interest, quite different.
Part number: 6264
Photography of That Loving Feeling

That Loving Feeling

120cm wide black woven crepe suiting made from viscose and cotton. I donít think this is mechanical crepe, I think this is a cloth made of crepe yarns which gives it extra bounce. Itís lightweight, as a lovely hand and very crease resistant.
Part number: 6263
Photography of Mixer


150cm wide soft feel poly viscose suiting in wonderful mix of blue and beige, turquoise and silver yarns giving a lovely heather appearance, can make all sorts with it.
Part number: 6260
Photography of Silk Stocking

Silk Stocking

160cm wide, very finely woven sackcloth in black, not just like a conventional suiting in that there is space between the weft weaved yarns so it has a slightly open weave and not see through, it has a very soft silky hand.
Part number: 6252
Photography of Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma

You may recall the wonderful noise made by the Three Tenors when they sang at the world Cup in Rome all dressed in black, with suits probably made from not the very same cloth that I have in my hands as we speak but one made more recently and probably by
Part number: 6242

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