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These fabrics are suitable for making trousers and/ or jackets and tend to be fabrics fabrics that simply don't fit into any of the following categories where you will find plently more trousering and jacketing fabrics, corduroy fabrics range, our chino cotton trousering range and wool suitings.

Photography of Sandy


A slightly shimmering deep kingfisher blue and is made of Cotton and Viscose. It has enough good properties to make a wonderful pair of trousers and indeed a jacket and the more I look and handle it the more interesting it becomes.
Part number: 8140
Photography of Holy Grail

Holy Grail

140cm wide white but a creamy sort of white lightly brushed cotton elastane cloth of a weight suitable for jackets and trousers with a self-coloured three line check pattern. A wonderfully comfortable cloth.
Part number: 8139
Photography of Black Narcissist

Black Narcissist

145 cm wide Polyester, Viscose, Elastane “Jacquard” rose print design in dark red on black.
Part number: 8138
Photography of Something for the Weekend - Floral

Something for the Weekend - Floral

A 113cm polyester ‘Jacquard’ dress fabric with a floral design on a blue ground.
Part number: 8128b
Photography of Something for the Weekend - Ripple

Something for the Weekend - Ripple

A 113cm polyester ‘Jacquard’ dress fabrics in blue, gold and beige with hints of brown.
Part number: 8128a
Photography of Grey Whistle Test

Grey Whistle Test

A 140cm wide polyester jacquard suiting in black, gold and silver. Very traditional, fleur de lis type design as worn by men of the Edwardian era attending a ball.
Part number: 8125
Photography of New Job, New Suit

New Job, New Suit

A 150cm wide polyester suiting in very dark grey, with a fine lilac pinstripe at 1cm intervals and a plain fine fancy stripe between those.
Part number: 8122
Photography of Tennison


150cm wide polyester suiting in black, with a fairly fine light grey pinstripe at 4cm intervals, in between which is another pale triple stripe in the main yarn but woven in such a way as to make it look paler.
Part number: 8121
Photography of Tracks of My Tears

Tracks of My Tears

140cm wide polyester/cupro lightweight suiting in a fine herringbone design in shades of grey, and each herringbone pattern has a very faint but discernible pinstripe edge to it
Part number: 8114
Photography of Father Down

Father Down

155cm wide it says on the ticket. 99% wool, 1% elastane suiting. Fearfully finely woven with a fabulously soft hand and great, great draping qualities.
Part number: 8106
Photography of In At The Deep End

In At The Deep End

136cm wide quite light but substantial, 97% cotton, 3% elastane satin in what looks to me like an underwater coral design in blues, aqua marine, deep orange, pale lilac, inky blue, with odd snatches of white.
Part number: 8104
Photography of What's Light Through Yonder Window Shines

What's Light Through Yonder Window Shines

145cm wide 97% cotton 3% elastane of a weight suitable for both shirts and trousers, therefore probably suitable for much else as well.
Part number: 8014

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