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These fabrics are suitable for making trousers and/ or jackets and tend to be fabrics fabrics that simply don't fit into any of the following categories where you will find plently more trousering and jacketing fabrics, corduroy fabrics range, our chino cotton trousering range and wool suitings.

Photography of Miracle Man -  Fine Needlecord Cream Stretch

Miracle Man - Fine Needlecord Cream Stretch

138cm wide. Fine cotton needlecord has a hint of stretch. A very soft cream and a very soft cloth. German made.
Part number: 3371d
Photography of Denim - You Rascal You

Denim - You Rascal You

137cm wide 98% cotton, 2% lycra, denim like trousering in grey and black, being a denim type it obviously has a cream coloured weft and it has a traditional plain broken twill weave with the addition of fine pinstripes giving it an almost herringbone weav
Part number: 4167
Photography of Denim - Capisce

Denim - Capisce

150cm wide. Mainly cotton with Polyester, Viscose, Elastane, lightweight denim like trousering in mottled black and grey. It has a fairly soft hand and will drape and this will not behave like a traditional denim where you have to sit down in stages.
Part number: 4156
Photography of Enough Is Not Sufficient

Enough Is Not Sufficient

145cm wide white 97% Cotton 3% Elastane Trousering with a very fine, in faint, white fancy woven pinstripe which in itself would be sufficient but no they decided to print on top of it and the print is quite a large floral one in shades of mauve and lilac
Part number: 4159
Photography of Clogs That Let in Water

Clogs That Let in Water

156cm wide. This 100% pure, new, beautifully fine wool flannel is not a hay for thieves in the rain, what’s new I hear you ask. Quite finely woven and a lovely hand.
Part number: 5033
Photography of Denim - Trickster

Denim - Trickster

155cm wide a very dark navy, almost black 8oz denim. A bit of stretch, but not much.
Part number: 5030
Photography of A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

150cm wide Cotton, Lycra, lightweight trousering or perhaps, no not perhaps anything, it’s trousering in a pale-ish grey with an all over abstract-ish floral design in shades of darker grey, beige, pale blue and white with other hints of those colours alo
Part number: 4149
Photography of Set Piece - Paisley Ponte 1.2m

Set Piece - Paisley Ponte 1.2m

150cm wide very soft poly cotton elastane” track suiting” fairly fine with a smooth finish black on one side and a navy blue and grey paisley swirly leaf print on the other. For the more sophisticated jogger.
Discount 10%
Part number: 3380
Photography of Set Piece - Linen - Pink Marl 2.1m

Set Piece - Linen - Pink Marl 2.1m

Pink Marl Linen fabric - Straight forward decent quality linen with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1229a
Photography of Set Piece - Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black 1.1m

Set Piece - Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black 1.1m

146cm wide stretch jacquard made from 67% viscose 29% polyimide 4% spandex. Black and grey floral design.
Discount 10%
Part number: 3387b
Photography of Set Piece - Bruised - Navy 1.5m

Set Piece - Bruised - Navy 1.5m

150 cm wide blue/black large gingham check style suiting in black and blue, the colours are very much wove together so there’s no definitive edge to any of the check, it all melds in. How nice.
Discount 10%
Part number: 4301a
Photography of A Step Back - Red

A Step Back - Red

54 inch wide 65% viscose, 35% linen mix fabric in a fabulous shade of red.
Part number: 4129i

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