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These fabrics are suitable for making trousers and/ or jackets and tend to be fabrics fabrics that simply don't fit into any of the following categories where you will find plently more trousering and jacketing fabrics, corduroy fabrics range, our chino cotton trousering range and wool suitings.

Photography of The Lucky Ones - Charcoal 2.05m set piece

The Lucky Ones - Charcoal 2.05m set piece

Italian - 154cm wide fine charcoal gabardine. We are lucky merchant to (in the sad absence of manufacturing) acquire such superb cotton fabrics as the latest truck full of herringbones we have had. This like the others has come from Italy via the best of
Discount 10%
Part number: 1340a
Photography of Iwo Jimo 2.5m set piece

Iwo Jimo 2.5m set piece

130cm wide fine cotton lycra gabardine in a very very pale beige I’ve seen this colour variously described as stone, light khaki and other too numerous to mention but you get the drift. Tropical summer weight fantastic trousering.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1605b
Photography of Two Suits - Stripe 1m set piece

Two Suits - Stripe 1m set piece

These 160cm wide essentially men’s suiting, but since when has that been a problem? This one is a very faint shadow stripe design, it says on the ticket in air-force. But this two is more grey than that, with maybe some airforce blue in the very faint sha
Discount 10%
Part number: 2058b
Photography of The Light From Yonder Window 1.3m set piece

The Light From Yonder Window 1.3m set piece

Lightweight suiting in a sort of misty mid blue there is lots of interest in the weave in that some of the yarns are shinier than others so it does give you a shadow weave check appears to the surface. Very nicely ma
Discount 10%
Part number: 2148
Photography of Scooby-do - Dark Fawn 1m set piece

Scooby-do - Dark Fawn 1m set piece

Today I am wearing a pair of casual cotton knitted trousers, which I normally lounge about in or indeed go to my Pilates class in. This morning it was Pilates, and I couldn’t be bothered to go home and get changed, so I have come to work, it has to be sai
Discount 10%
Part number: 2119a
Photography of Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Beautifully fine cotton lawn in the mixture of a very pale grey and white yarns with a little bit of irregularity in some of the yarns which breaks up the surface a little bit so it by no means just a plain grey cloth. It absolutely reeks of class!
Part number: 2177
Photography of Up My Street

Up My Street

Super fine cotton twill trousering in a cracking shade of pale peach or maybe apricot or maybe melon, the base of this cloth is white and has been died this colour which helps to keep the cloth in its very pale shade.This German cloth is fabulous in a jac
Part number: 2171
Photography of Ash


150cm wide pale grey finely woven suiting in what you would swear to be pure wool, turns out to be a wool poly lycra mix. I must be losing it. A truly delicious cloth made for Laura Ashley....
Part number: 1328
Photography of Worsted wool mix suiting

Worsted wool mix suiting

145cm wide worsted wool poly lycra suiting in a sort of dark airforce blue, not the colour of the uniforms worn but at WestPoint nor of the RAF but somewhere in between. 
Part number: 1326
Photography of Four Weddings

Four Weddings

150cm wide good quality poly wool lightweight suiting in a scudo black watch tartan clad that is t say it hasn't got all the pattern that a black watch needs to have this is just navy blue and green. Nonetheless this is still an extremely attractive and r
Part number: 1322
Photography of The Barn

The Barn

This Cotton/Linen mix lightweight trousering comes in a pale shade of green with some white slubyness in the weave and is neutral enough to mate up with almost anything I think. It has all the attributes unsorted comings of a cotton linen mix cloth but of
Part number: 2169
Photography of Pinot


Cloth comes in a fairly deep red, a bit like a young wine really, it is in fact a very fine back weave dress fabric with an all over but sparsely embroidered design in a slightly lighter yarn. The cloth has
Part number: 2153

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