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These fabrics are suitable for making trousers and/ or jackets and tend to be fabrics fabrics that simply don't fit into any of the following categories where you will find plently more trousering and jacketing fabrics, corduroy fabrics range, our chino cotton trousering range and wool suitings.

Photography of Tenshun


160cm wide fine cotton drill in off white, be a woman of substance.
Part number: 8220
Photography of River Dance

River Dance

159cm wide 75% cotton 25% linen dress weight brushed cloth in black, the weight itself would lend itself to floppy skirts and trousers and of course the little skirts that the Irish dancers wear. Italian Made.
Part number: 8209
Photography of Moana


150cm wide, beautifully soft cotton, elastane, lightweight trousering with a very light satin finish. Rather stunning.
Part number: 8203
Photography of Linen - Taupe

Linen - Taupe

100% Irish linen in either a lovely taupe.
Part number: 8193a
Photography of Days of Yore - Pink

Days of Yore - Pink

This particular  Italian mill produces fine cotton trouserings to this day. It is described as fine gabardine on the ticket and I have no reason to disbelieve that. 100% cotton with enough fine yarn in it to give it a lovely smooth surface.
Part number: 8174b
Photography of Bieck


150cm wide 97% cotton 3% elastane stretch, lightweight trousering in a double border jungley sort of print in greens, brown, beiges, lime and black on the main body and then the 20cm borders in purple, lime and black and to round it all off a 4cm black ba
Part number: 8165
Photography of Set Piece - The Void 2.5m

Set Piece - The Void 2.5m

146cm wide. Very deep black, finely woven cotton, Lycra, sateen trousering, your bum will look good in this.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2009
Photography of Sandy


A slightly shimmering deep kingfisher blue and is made of Cotton and Viscose. It has enough good properties to make a wonderful pair of trousers and indeed a jacket and the more I look and handle it the more interesting it becomes.
Part number: 8140
Photography of Black Narcissist

Black Narcissist

145 cm wide Polyester, Viscose, Elastane “Jacquard” rose print design in dark red on black.
Part number: 8138
Photography of You Can Fool Some Of The People

You Can Fool Some Of The People

150cm wide Polyester lightweight suiting in either a dark bluey grey or a deep dark air force blue, take your pick. There aren’t two there’s only one but that’s the suggestion I make to you for the colour.
Part number: 8135
Photography of Comfort - Wild About Harry

Comfort - Wild About Harry

A 146cm wide quite heavy 98% cotton 2% elastane hopsack weave trousering in black with an all over small but positive floral design in pinks, greens, lilacs, yellow, blue and white.
Part number: 8133a
Photography of Comfort - Strictly Ball Room

Comfort - Strictly Ball Room

145cm wide. This is a fairly lightweight but substantial 98% cotton 2% elastane trousering in black with a bold all over fairly large floral design in red, pink, cerise, shades of green, with black centres to some of the flowers.
Part number: 8133b

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