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Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting



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Composition: 73% Viscose, 24% wool, 3% lycra

 Number 3, momma said, was about to say Iíd reached an awkward age. But I must have said that many times before, because I have had many awkward ages to go through. And I am certainly not at an age to be able to wear this cloth, or maybe the colour. Itís is 132cm, which is fairly narrow in modern fabric terms. Rather heavy, viscose, wool and lycra crepe suiting in a rather vivid cerise. I have every reason to believe there wont be a lot of this about anywhere, for the reason of the composition and indeed the colour. If you fancy a vivid, cerise suiting, made in 73% viscose, 24% wool, 3% lycra there isnít a better one than this. Very crease resistant, very soft. And fairly expensive at £12.50 a metre, but donít let that put you off, please.

What Can I Make With This?: Trousers, Suits, Skirts
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Part number: 1069
£16.25 per mtr

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