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Mexican Wave

Mexican Wave  - Stunning velvet fabric - Scale

Mexican Wave - Stunning velvet fabric - Scale

This is a 56in wide cotton velvet. Ok so now comes the difficult bit in describing it to you. The colours and the pattern are all contained within the one fabric, the back of which is actually grey but the front i.e. the velvet side has got dark greens, a very pale greeny gold and a bit of brown with an overall appearance of a dark/rich fabric. This all looks like the beach when the sea has been in and done its bit but not the flat bit, the bit that ripples. The ripples aren't straight up and down or across they are diagonal and they come in band's of 3 or 4 and are about 2 inches wide. I know you're thinking he is making a bit of a mess of this and in truth I probably am. Itís certainly either for skirts, jackets or perhaps for a waistcoat. The cloth is of an outstanding variety. I think it's hundred percent cotton that there may be little bit of viscose in there and it has a slight sheen to the finish to add to all its other glories.
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Mexican Wave  - Stunning velvet fabric - Scale Mexican Wave - Velvet
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£7.00 per mtr

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