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Polyester Dress Fabrics

You won't be disappointed with these, they have a wonderful hand and most of them will not crease. Perfect for looking great after being packed in a suitcase or after lounging on the settee.

Photography of Check Mate

Check Mate

146cm wide, woven in Yorkshire, this classic British plaid suiting comes in black with an (approx 1 inch) over check in pale grey & sage green. The material is good for dresses, shirts & trousers.
Part number: 1811A10
Photography of Chiffon - Black

Chiffon - Black

150cm wide lovely quality dead flat black polyester chiffon fabric.
Part number: 1323f
Photography of Chiffon - Pale Pink

Chiffon - Pale Pink

149cm wide very pretty pale pink fabric. This is not a flat shiny chiffon, it has a crepe weave giving it texture and an elegant finish.
Part number: 1323n
Photography of Clogs And Cow Bells

Clogs And Cow Bells

145cm wide woven polyester seersucker check in blue and white. Almost out of a yoghurt advert. Perfect for school dresses.
Part number: 1804J34
Photography of Complimentary


Heavy 98% polyester 2% elastane knitted jersey fabric,  it is very stretchy, dense and a great cloth if you know what to do with it.  Perfect for underwear or a panel on dress or top. 
Part number: 6454
Photography of Confucius


150cm wide, polyester, elastane, super fine woven dress fabric.
Part number: 1812C04
Photography of Copper Beach

Copper Beach

140cm wide dark cotton copper coloured polyester, polyamide taffeta, with a light but permanent quite random crease effect finish. It is made up of two different coloured yarns and therefore has a slightly shot finish. One for the catwalk or the Baftas.
Part number: 1903J14*
Photography of Could Change

Could Change

A 150cm wide mid-blue mainly polyester viscose self-coloured pinstriped suiting, completely washable, quick drying, doesn’t crease. Spill, wash and go.
Discount 20%
Part number: 1588
Photography of Country Garden

Country Garden

160cm wide lightweight polyester jersey dress fabric with stunning multi colour flower print design in shades pinks, yellow's, blue's & greens on a white background.
Part number: 1808B15
Photography of Creperie - Dusky Pink

Creperie - Dusky Pink

Polyester dress material in dusky pink. It appears to be made up of millions of tiny little bobbles. 150cm wide, Fair to middling I’d say.
Part number: 1805C11a
Photography of Creperie - Pale Peach

Creperie - Pale Peach

Polyester dress material in pale peach. It appears to be made up of millions of tiny little bobbles. 150cm wide, Fair to middling I’d say.
Part number: 1805C11b
Photography of Cross Hatch - Denim

Cross Hatch - Denim

A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out denim blue. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a fl
Part number: 2045b

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