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Fabrics With Lycra | Stretch

Dress fabrics with lycra, elastane or spandex for that bit of stretch when you need it most.
Photography of Denim - Capisce

Denim - Capisce

150cm wide. Mainly cotton with Polyester, Viscose, Elastane, lightweight denim like trousering in mottled black and grey. It has a fairly soft hand and will drape and this will not behave like a traditional denim where you have to sit down in stages.
Part number: 4156
Photography of Fiona


150cm wide, made in Germany. Fine polyester with 3% lycra in a fairly large  but not too large extreme liberty type paisley design of some tropical heritage and lots of lovely tones of, pale green, very pale orange, cream, olive green and hints of tones o
Part number: 4169
Photography of A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

150cm wide Cotton, Lycra, lightweight trousering or perhaps, no not perhaps anything, it’s trousering in a pale-ish grey with an all over abstract-ish floral design in shades of darker grey, beige, pale blue and white with other hints of those colours alo
Part number: 4149
Photography of Illusion


150cm wide fine viscose lycra jersey in a black and dark green tiny floral design. Made in France.
Part number: 5019
Photography of Set Piece - Fit the Bill - Dark Grey 1.5m

Set Piece - Fit the Bill - Dark Grey 1.5m

If you can’t get the genuine article, then this cloth will fit the bill. It is a 140cm wide beautifully soft, 68% poly, 29% viscose, 3% elastane flannel suiting in a mid, typically flannel with the hand you would expect of a wool flannel.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1592a
Photography of Set Piece - Royal Celebration - Light 1.5m

Set Piece - Royal Celebration - Light 1.5m

A 125cm wide royal blue light weight viscose lycra crepe in a deep and very rich royal blue. Also available in 150cm wide much heavier suiting/trouser weight cloth – and this is made in polyester and elastane. I’ve put these two together because they are
Discount 10%
Part number: 1932a
Photography of Set Piece - Paisley Ponte 1.2m

Set Piece - Paisley Ponte 1.2m

150cm wide very soft poly cotton elastane” track suiting” fairly fine with a smooth finish black on one side and a navy blue and grey paisley swirly leaf print on the other. For the more sophisticated jogger.
Discount 10%
Part number: 3380
Photography of Set Piece - Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black 1.1m

Set Piece - Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black 1.1m

146cm wide stretch jacquard made from 67% viscose 29% polyimide 4% spandex. Black and grey floral design.
Discount 10%
Part number: 3387b
Photography of Bonanza - Rauschenberg

Bonanza - Rauschenberg

150cm wide. Viscose lycra and a lovely quality with a good amount of stretch in it. Approximately 3% lycra. We are calling it Rauschenberg due to its abstract pattern in black, taupe, cream and beige.
Part number: 4152d
Photography of Bonanza - Uber

Bonanza - Uber

146cm wide. Ultra lightweight very soft German made, viscose elastane jersey. I would say, as much as 5% elastane, you could almost call this a four-way stretch on to which is printed a really lovely abstract print in taupe, cream, grey and black.
Part number: 4152c
Photography of Double Border  - Purple

Double Border - Purple

150cm wide cotton Lycra trousering in off white/pale cream with a double border print in black purple and beige. Please note, in the images we have shown the blue colourway for scale only.
Part number: 1081b
Photography of Set Piece - Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting 1.25m

Set Piece - Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting 1.25m

Number 3, momma said, was about to say I’d reached an awkward age. But I must have said that many times before, because I have had many awkward ages to go through. And I am certainly not at an age to be able to wear this cloth, or maybe the colour. It’s i
Discount 10%
Part number: 1069

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