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Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of Approaching Paradise

Approaching Paradise

This 150cm wide polyester viscose dress cloth is of a colour that can possibly only been seen when approaching your own desert island and there is no grudge or impediment in the sea, only clear blues, greens and hints of purple and other tones of blue. Th
Part number: 2100b
Photography of In Reverse

In Reverse

A 150cm wide cotton trousering in dark olive khaki, with a fairly light shower proof coating. That is fairly obvious, what isn’t obvious is that that is not the side that gives you the waterproof element. Why do that I ask myself? Does it matter? I also a
Part number: 1894
Photography of Poplin Prints - Here Boy

Poplin Prints - Here Boy

None of the dogs on this pale cream seem to be in agreement, as to where the whistle is coming from. Nevertheless they are all stood to attention, ready to sprint to their master. In mustard, deep teal, redish pink, and blue they make quite the colourful
Part number: 1901
Photography of Heat Seaker

Heat Seaker

140cm wide red leatherette with a white condensed polyester wadding backing to keep heat off wooden tables. I could actually also make a pair of robot like leggings but not recommended.
Part number: 1461B
Photography of Ponte Roma - Candy Pink

Ponte Roma - Candy Pink

A 150cm wide ponte roma in a candy pink sort of colour. 
Part number: 2000a
Photography of Hitchcock


This fine 146cm wide soft polyester satin has the sort of pattern that a thriller writer would have a field day with. It’s an abstract pattern, quite large and might represent somebody having a bit of breakdown.........
Part number: 2114
Photography of Flat Cap

Flat Cap

150cm wide wool, soft flat tweed suiting in a wonderful array of autumnal colours. Reds, greens, browns, heather; just a wonderful mélange of colour. Very county, very beautiful.
Part number: CM1076
Photography of Poplin Prints - Nelson - White

Poplin Prints - Nelson - White

Ships Ahoy! I Think Lord Nelson's boat may have been a little more impressive than this but you have to start somewhere.
Part number: 102b
Photography of Enjoy


152cm wide 80% Worsted wool, 20% polyester fine check suiting so soft you could almost make a nightie out of it, but it would hardly be passion inducing. But then again… The check is made up of many different checks and has lots of lovely, it has to
Discount 30%
Part number: 1243
Photography of Drained


A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out pinky-orange. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a
Part number: 2045
Photography of Canvas - Bone

Canvas - Bone

A 155cm wide quite substantial cotton canvas in a French navy and off white stripe. The navy part of the stripe being about 2cm wide and the white 5mm wide. It has a surprisingly soft hand, but it still is a cloth that will retain its structure.
Part number: 1992e
Photography of Poplin Prints - Nelson - Blue

Poplin Prints - Nelson - Blue

Ships Ahoy! I Think Lord Nelson's boat may have been a little more impresice than this but you have to start somewhere. My boy lovers Power Rangers but if yours likes boats then you won't get better than this very nice print.
Part number: 102a

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