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Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of I'm A Lumberjack - Danni

I'm A Lumberjack - Danni

150cm wide almost identical but this time in black and 2 shades of grey and the check is slightly larger.
Part number: 6353a
Photography of Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

Perhaps this is a little bit Grayson Perry in that itís a dull cerise pink which has been brought about using pink and black yarns in such a way as to appear mottled which dulls the appearance of the cerise somewhat, but itís still a vibrant colour. The c
Part number: 6291
Photography of Sewing Room - Sprig - Beige

Sewing Room - Sprig - Beige

112cm wide very good quality dress/craft cotton poplin fabric with traditional leaf sprig design printed on a beige background.
Part number: 6330m
Photography of Good Times

Good Times

A quite wonderful wool flat tweed woven in Yorkshire in what you might call it a birds eye pattern. Not too small in many shades of blue with a hint of beige and white here the there. A good jacket weight and a lovely cloth.
Part number: 6293
Photography of Complication


145 cm wide Italian wool mixture knitted suiting in black and red, thatís the none complicated bit. The complications arise when you go through the list of fibres that are involved in making of the cloth. They are many and varied; wool is a pre-dominant f
Part number: 6300
Photography of Clothworks - Bloom

Clothworks - Bloom

A lovely quality crafting cotton from Clothworks, with an all over floral design in pink, red and rust on a white background.
Part number: 6327
Photography of Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon

150cm cotton and viscose suiting in a pale blue with dark blue yarns in the weft. Gives the impression of looking at the sea at sunset but not necessarily around Britain. Beautifully Italian made cloth or another famous maker, it also comes in black and g
Part number: 6272a
Photography of Black And Blue

Black And Blue

150cm wide polyester black and blue jacquard suiting with a leafy sort of pattern, background being blue and pattern in black. I didnít think Iíd like this but I dare say itís got class and growing on me.
Part number: 6261
Photography of Being There

Being There

150cm wide lightweight yet quite substantial polyester dress fabric in black, although thereís not a lot of the black showing with an all over slightly abstract but recognizable floral pattern in wonderfully bright pink, yellow, green, orange and rust ton
Part number: 6249
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

150cm wide 95% viscose 5% lycra jersey in a softened but still quite bright lime green. You know how some of the clothes that the queen wears are always colours that perhaps not really seen before, I think this is one of them.
Part number: 6309e
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Marl Grey

Cotton Jersey - Marl Grey

180 cm wide very finely knitted marl pale grey 100% Cotton jersey, beautifully made again with a soft hand. Perfect for T-Shirt and blouses.
Part number: 6310a
Photography of Marled Stripe

Marled Stripe

160cm wide fine but slight open marled jersey in grey and black stripes. The stripes are about 2cm wide and are they to be noticed. Very soft and drapey jersey, ideal for tops and wraps. Made from 50% viscose 50% polyester.
Part number: 6317

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