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Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of Reece Silk

Reece Silk

A fine silk habotai with the most glorious abstract animal print in subtle hues of beige, olive, dark brown-black with hints of peach. A timeless and elegant print which, if you can handle a fine silk make beautiful clothes for years to come. It goes with
Part number: 1905M43
Photography of Arange - Dark Beige

Arange - Dark Beige

Dark Beige, 150cm wide, lightweight, polyester suiting.
Part number: 1903J10A
Photography of Olive Crepe

Olive Crepe

Dark olive green double crepe suiting material. Polyester.
Part number: 1905P19
Photography of Faux Snakeskin

Faux Snakeskin

Faux leather snakeskin stretch dress fabric
Photography of Italian Crepe - Taupe

Italian Crepe - Taupe

152cm wide, Italian crepe in taupe, great quality dress fabric medium weight and has some spandex.
Part number: 1162g
Photography of Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself

140cm wide, soft, fine, fabulous quality viscose dress fabric with an all over, and I do mean an all over print in black, grey, brown and white.
Part number: 1902H44
Photography of Candy Crepe - Gingerbread

Candy Crepe - Gingerbread

145cm, Superb double crepe dress fabric, gingerbread brown colour.
Part number: 1990l
Photography of Candy Crepe - Peacan

Candy Crepe - Peacan

145cm, Superb double crepe dress fabric, in a warm Peacan brown colour.
Part number: 1990o
Photography of Henry


British Wool flannel suiting cloth in camel, made for a British "Top End" label. This really is as good as it gets.
Part number: 1905P18
Photography of Italian Tweed

Italian Tweed

This is a little bit like another cloth called Brown Tweed except that its a little bolder in brown, cream and black yarns but the design is pretty similar, the cloth is a tad thicker, supremely soft with 10% cashmere, this will make the warmest and ligh
Part number: 6340b
Photography of One Flew Over

One Flew Over

150cm wide, printed chiffon in a pattern with ribbons of the base material in swirls around the cloth.
Part number: 1812E20
Photography of Me Tarzan

Me Tarzan

150cm wide, very fine polyester chiffon in what might be termed very loosely as an animal/jungle print.
Part number: 1812JK04

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