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Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of Crafters - Chicago Blue

Crafters - Chicago Blue

112cm wide lovely quality cotton dress and craft fabric in a colourful floral design on a cream background.
Part number: 7227b
Photography of Sting Like A Bee

Sting Like A Bee

140cm wide very fine and floaty polyester georgette in an all over, very modern art nouveau sort of design in lots of lovely colours including shades of red, turquoise and blue.
Part number: 7273
Photography of As Night Follows - Night

As Night Follows - Night

150cm wide fine, black beautifully knitted polyester jersey is a very dense and very colourful floral design completely covering the cloth and like number 1 is beautifully soft, light and wonderful to wear.
Part number: 7279b
Photography of Smarter Than The Average Bear

Smarter Than The Average Bear

150cm wide 85% polyester 12% viscose and 3% elastane lightweight suiting in a rather pleasant shade of navy.
Part number: 7284
Photography of New Job, New Suit

New Job, New Suit

A 150cm wide polyester suiting in very dark grey, with a fine lilac pinstripe at 1cm intervals and a plain fine fancy stripe between those.
Part number: 8122
Photography of New Zealand Piece

New Zealand Piece

145cm wide Polly cotton viscose lightweight canvas in beige with an all over but fairly sparse print depicting brown engines, ship, airplanes, bicycles as it might appear in a museum. Maybe curtains for a little boys room or aprons for somebody else.
Part number: 7140
Photography of Over The Moon

Over The Moon

150cm wide very fine cotton oxford cloth in a strange sort of pale blue with woven moons and stars in the pattern. You couldn’t go to too many parties in this but the children could.
Part number: 8134
Photography of Silky Soft - Beige

Silky Soft - Beige

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide ridiculously fine Italian cotton lawn made up of what appear to be beige and a silvery
Part number: 7100b
Photography of Schofield - Ivory

Schofield - Ivory

A 146cm wide poly viscose elastane suiting in either navy, pale cream or black, truly a cloth for all seasons.
Part number: 1800b
Photography of Scuba - Tahiti

Scuba - Tahiti

130cm wide polyester, elastane, heavy jersey scuba which I’m sure is suitable for maybe even swimwear certainly leotards.
Part number: 8013c
Photography of Sewing Room - Vintage Grey

Sewing Room - Vintage Grey

113 wide cotton poplin fabric in grey or maybe dusky lilac, with beautiful vintage floral pattern in beige ,cream and ivory. Perfect for shirts or crafts .
Part number: 5013h
Photography of Silk Like - Pewter

Silk Like - Pewter

145cm wide. Pewter polyester stretch soft peachskin shirting/blouse weight fabric.
Part number: 3369d

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