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Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of A Little Bolly- Beige

A Little Bolly- Beige

142cm polyester jacquard lightweight brocade dress fabric in beige with a gold flower. Lovely dress material for a waistcoat or jacket or dresses.
Part number: 1903B03B
Photography of Arange - Dark Beige

Arange - Dark Beige

Dark Beige, 150cm wide, lightweight, polyester suiting.
Part number: 1903J10A
Photography of Arange - Pale Beige

Arange - Pale Beige

150cm wide, lightweight, polyester suiting in pale beige. It has a nice soft hand and is an easy care fabric. Good for dresses, trousers and jackets.
Part number: 1903J10B
Photography of Artic Fire

Artic Fire

145cm wide, black 97% cotton, 3% spandex, cotton sateen dress fabric with a sparse all over floral pattern in red, yellow, white, brown and beige.
Part number: 1901V11
Photography of As Tears Go By, I sit and Watch... Damson

As Tears Go By, I sit and Watch... Damson

Even for those of us who can remember the era, for which that song came, may not had a garment made out of this rather fabulous damson polyester dress fabric, somewhat shiny. Definitely made for on the posh side of things. A rather beautiful.
Part number: 193m
Photography of Barbour Lining - Copper

Barbour Lining - Copper

Good quality polyester dress lining in copper gold -†made for Barbour.
Part number: 1531d
Photography of Barbour Lining - Olive

Barbour Lining - Olive

135cm wide good quality polyester dress lining in a dark olive colour -†made for Barbour.
Part number: 1531c
Photography of Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Black

Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Black

112cm wide Sew Vintage Cotton Fabric By Bristol Bay studio. This design is made up of Vintage Flowers on a black ground. A beautifully Detailed fabric with a sophisticated colour pallet.
Part number: 1372d
Photography of Blenheim Palace - Mustard

Blenheim Palace - Mustard

A selection of paisley floral polyester crepe fabrics, these stunning prints remind me of William Morris era very decorative but a lot cheaper.
Part number: 1904B33
Photography of Blenheim Palace - Orange

Blenheim Palace - Orange

A selection of paisley floral polyester crepe fabrics, these stunning prints remind me of William Morris era very decorative but a lot cheaper. This 110cm wide fabric comes in orange & browns on a cream background.
Part number: 1904B15A
Photography of Boiled Wool - Beige

Boiled Wool - Beige

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in beige.
Part number: 1810M02
Photography of Camel Rib

Camel Rib

Something quite different, a soft woven light brown jacketing with a mild but substantial twill weave. A much softer cloth than what has gone before and perhaps more suited to a looser fitting garment than a traditional jacket.
Part number: 6285
Photography of Chiffon Leopard

Chiffon Leopard

This seasonís most sought-after print, animal prints have been everywhere this year and for good reason. Versatile, and if the right print, very classy, which we think this is.
Part number: 1905M44
Photography of Chocolate Sateen Shirting

Chocolate Sateen Shirting

Dark Brown Sateen Shirting Fabric
Part number: 2771
Photography of Come In Peace

Come In Peace

155cm wide fine woven European made cotton trousering, with just a hint of a pattern in the weave. A nice soft finish and is a super cloth in a rich and quite tasty colour of creamy caramel.
Part number: 1708J06
Photography of Counting Sheep - Sporting Check

Counting Sheep - Sporting Check

Is a very traditional British country sporting check in brown and black with a fine triple line over check in a dark mustard, the colours are all interwoven so it isnít black and white as it were, so much of the yarn merges into the next one which softens
Part number: 6442d
Photography of Croma


Short for the Croft Mill Museum of Art. 150cm wide, soft, fine, cotton poplin in a very modern all over abstract design, in a pale grey, black, beige, brown and cream. Too much of it might be detrimental to your health. A cracking design on a lovely cloth
Part number: 1811A13
Photography of Dannie


146cm wide, polyester crepe de chine dress fabric. If you don't fancy this seasons animal theme this versatile polyester crepe de chine will make a classy alternative.
Part number: 1905P03
Photography of Djerba


154cm wide light camel coloured polyester summer weight trousering cloth with a lovely soft and vertically creaseless finish.
Part number: 7215
Photography of Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

140cm wide, silk chiffon in very Autumnal, floral design, in browns, turquoise, black, beige and pale blue all on a pale olive background. Impossibly fine, and absolutely glorious.
Part number: 1803M39
Photography of Driven To Distraction

Driven To Distraction

Quite a weighty polyester crepe dress cloth in a very elegant dark Brown beautifully drapery easy care and suitable for Day or Evening wear.
Part number: 1905P29B
Photography of Faux Fur - Brown

Faux Fur - Brown

Faux Fur in brown is used for all purposes, either for fashion accessory and home decorations like pillows, bedding and throws and soft toys. This material is 150cm wide, feels lovely and soft & would make a luxury sofa throw.
Part number: 1810J18
Photography of Floral Disguise

Floral Disguise

150cm wide, woven polyester crepe dress fabric with a hint of stretch in an olive sort of green with an all over floral pattern in white, pale blue, dark red and grey. Fairly sombre, but attractive none the less.
Part number: 1809O15
Photography of Fluffy


152cm wide, polyester, super soft full faux fur in cream, very good quality. Wonderfully light, soft and extremely cuddly. It feels divine.
Part number: 1603M01
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Expresso

Georgette Dress Fabric - Expresso

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Expresso. 150cm wide suitable for dresses, blouses and crafts.
Part number: 2030a
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Falcon

Georgette Dress Fabric - Falcon

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Falcon
Part number: 2030w
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Latte

Georgette Dress Fabric - Latte

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Latte. 145cm wide suitable for dresses, blouses and crafts.
Part number: 2030b
Photography of Growing Up

Growing Up

This is 156cm wide Poly/Cotton hoedown check shirting in shades of brown and cream and mixtures of those where the checks merge or cross.
Part number: 8143
Photography of Huddersfield's Best - Cara

Huddersfield's Best - Cara

Huddersfield, a place that has still got a firm grip on British manufacturing. A fine part of the world producing the finest wool fabrics in the world, this is no exception. Shining Poly/Wool suiting cloth which will make you a stunning item. This comes
Part number: 6220c
Photography of Indonesian Batik - Rain Forest

Indonesian Batik - Rain Forest

114cm wide. Beautiful hand dyed cotton batik in yellow brown and green from Indonesia. This is the best quality...
Part number: 1803B15
Photography of Just when you think itís all over

Just when you think itís all over

Iíve just stumbled across this fine 95% Viscose 5% Elastane Jersey in Black with an all over floral design in turquoise & pale Orange.
Part number: 1905P34
Photography of Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance

Polyester tapestry in a chevron stripe design with the chevrons being all different sizes, and the stripes being different widths, the colours involved are rust, very pale pink, black...
Part number: 1905J05
Photography of King Of Cloths - Beige

King Of Cloths - Beige

Cotton moleskin in beige. You will know that corduroy is from the French Ď Cord Du Royí which effectively means King Of Cloths
Part number: 1905BEG01A
Photography of King Of Cloths - Mustard

King Of Cloths - Mustard

The finest full worsted cloth money can buy, So why†shouldnít I call this magnificent cotton moleskin 'king of cloths?' Glorious heavyweight cotton moleskin material in a†lovely plush finish and it comes in mustard.
Part number: 1905BEG01B
Photography of Lawns - Paisley - Mustard

Lawns - Paisley - Mustard

145cm wide cotton lawn with paisley design on mustard background. Perfect for shirts, dresses and all kind of tops.
Part number: 1904B03b
Photography of Leaves - Red

Leaves - Red

150cm wide, fine, quite substantial polyester satin with an all over print in the same size leaf, Beautiful stunning print.
Part number: 1901O18A
Photography of Leopard Love

Leopard Love

150cm wide polyester crepe de chine leopard print dress fabric. Who doesn't love a bit of leopard print fabric, on-trend & would make a midi or maxi skirts but also perfect for tops & blouses.
Part number: 1905P02
Photography of Linen Chambray - Oatmeal

Linen Chambray - Oatmeal

Superb 100% linen chambray dress fabric in oatmeal
Part number: 1807M01s
Photography of Linings - Polyester Khaki

Linings - Polyester Khaki

Polyester Lining in plain Khaki. 158cm wide.
Part number: 1709A01b
Photography of Linings - Viscose Light Brown

Linings - Viscose Light Brown

Viscose Lining in light brown, mocca brown very fine herringbone stripe. 158cm wide.
Part number: 1709A04a
Photography of Liquid - Champagne

Liquid - Champagne

Stunning bridal satin, with a wonderfully soft and dull finish, just the right amount of sheen to sit in the very expensive looking park.
Part number: 1905P25C
Photography of Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself

140cm wide, soft, fine, fabulous quality viscose dress fabric with an all over, and I do mean an all over print in black, grey, brown and white.
Part number: 1902H44
Photography of Losing The Thread - Mushroom

Losing The Thread - Mushroom

150cm wide wonderful German made mushroom coloured soft silky polyester dress fabric, also good for a lightweight blazer.
Part number: 7360
Photography of Mash


This is the sort of stuff that Klinger would like to wear instead of his army uniform. 150cm wide, very dark olive/ dark khaki, water resistant polyester nylon, with quite tremendous fineness, and a lovely soft hand.
Part number: 1808J08
Photography of Me Tarzan

Me Tarzan

150cm wide, very fine polyester chiffon in what might be termed very loosely as an animal/jungle print.
Part number: 1812JK04
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Bolder Brown

Meet Our Wool Man - Bolder Brown

This is a little bit like another cloth called Brown Tweed except that itís a little bolder in brown, cream and black yarns but the design is pretty similar, the cloth is a tad thicker, supremely soft with 10% cashmere, this will make the warmest and ligh
Part number: 6340b
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Brown Tweed

Meet Our Wool Man - Brown Tweed

As if it were possible, this superb Italian wool jacketing is an even softer and more lightweight than the last tweed I described, with 10% cashmere, this comes in a lovely mixture of fawn and brown yarns with a tiny little sprig design.
Part number: 6340a
Photography of Miracle Man - Dress Velvet - Chocolate

Miracle Man - Dress Velvet - Chocolate

140cm wide gorgeous Italian dress velvet fabric in milk-chocolate brown. They don't get any better than this. Velvet that is!
Part number: 1608J04
Photography of Moccasin


100% Viscose knit, suiting weight, jersey in a South American peruvian design in stripes which have lots of small patterns within the stripes and comes in many shades of Brown.
Part number: 1905M37
Photography of Needle & Thread - Black

Needle & Thread - Black

150CM wide black polyester dress/lightweight suiting cloth with a large all over creeping leafy print in bronze, absolute class.
Part number: 1810M19*
Photography of Needle & Thread - Bronze

Needle & Thread - Bronze

If what the Romans did wasnít enough, here they are doing it again! With the reverse of the previous item, this time the main body is in a rust/bronze colour and edged in black.
Part number: 1810M20*
Photography of Ponte Roma - Toffee

Ponte Roma - Toffee

Lovely ponte roma colour in toffee, really nice natural brown and 140cm wide.
Part number: 1810J12
Photography of Poplin Prints - Palm Beach - Black

Poplin Prints - Palm Beach - Black

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with an all over leaf print on a black background.
Part number: 1902O01A
Photography of Prime Time - Beige

Prime Time - Beige

150cm wide lightweight crepe dress material which comes in this pretty floral design in colours of reds, aqua & green on an beige back ground. Lovely for skirts, loose trousers & dresses.
Part number: 1805O17
Photography of Quilted - Kiruto - Beige

Quilted - Kiruto - Beige

165cm wide 55% cotton 45% polyester quilted cloth depicting the same garden but this time as day breaks.
Part number: 1812JK19A
Photography of Waxed Cotton - Dark Olive

Waxed Cotton - Dark Olive

Superb waxed cotton fabric olive green
Part number: 1802C09B*
Photography of Sand Everywhere

Sand Everywhere

146cm wide 100% cotton needle cord in what is described as a sandy colour. Enough substance without being harsh.
Part number: 1705J01
Photography of Seven Veils - Olive

Seven Veils - Olive

Here we have a collection of soft woven polyester fabrics in a range of different colours. Did I mention that they a subtle linen look to them.
Part number: 1905J04C
Photography of Sewing Room - Dancing Cosmos

Sewing Room - Dancing Cosmos

112cm wide, beige cotton poplin with an all over pretty flower print. This fabric can be used to make dresses, shirts and crafts.
Part number: 1808B28
Photography of Rumpole


Does anybody remember rumpole of the bailey? A man who sold demeanour not to mention his looks, suggested that it had been lived in and slept in.
Part number: 1810J02
Photography of Silk Leopard

Silk Leopard

A fine silk habotai with the most glorious abstract animal print in subtle hues of beige, olive, dark brown-black with hints of peach. A timeless and elegant print which, if you can handle a fine silk make beautiful clothes for years to come. It goes with
Part number: 1905M43
Photography of St Elsewhere

St Elsewhere

150cm wide, fine polyester, pongee in a shade of khaki or taupe or light brown, which I hope you can gather the colour, which incidentally would go with a pin striped velvet described elsewhere in this missive.
Part number: 1807BS07
Photography of Strictly Ballroom - Gold

Strictly Ballroom - Gold

150cm wide knitted polyester cloth in shiny metalised finished in gold, do they still call them ra ra skirts? I think they do.
Part number: 1809J22
Photography of Sunset Boulevard - Pale Sand

Sunset Boulevard - Pale Sand

Slinky, smooth, polyester satin 150cm wide, just the sort of cloth you would expect to see worn in American movies of the thirties and comes in a very nice pale sand colour.
Part number: 1705J02
Photography of Sydney Crepe - Blush

Sydney Crepe - Blush

170cm wide, 94% polyester, 6% Spandex, quite hefty crepe, suiting in dusky pink which the manufacturer also state as having a 4 way stretch. We think that is pushing it as the stretch is only slight in the warp, great in the weft.
Part number: 1804R01b
Photography of Tartan - Muted Loden

Tartan - Muted Loden

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Muted Loden. A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A07
Photography of The Seventh Veil

The Seventh Veil

Lightweight 100% Polyester dress fabric in a Brown and Gold swirly Satin stripe pattern actually made up of stripes on a very fine white clear background making the other six Vailís redundant
Part number: 1904J11
Photography of Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

130cm wide, beautiful quality pale rose pink net completely covered in tiny rose gold sequins from john Kaldor, hardly any weight in it at all so not just for tiny dancers.†
Part number: 6209
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Bubblegum Pink

Water Resistant Canvas - Bubblegum Pink

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in vibrant pink. Approx 210gsm!
Part number: 1780k
Photography of Wheel Grace

Wheel Grace

150cm wide polyester suiting in light brown.
Part number: 7344
Photography of Wider Still and Wider

Wider Still and Wider

A very fine carry on up the Khyber sort of cloth in Sahara beige, very fine polyamide cheese cloth. Quite transparent so winceyette underwear may be called for.
Part number: 1807BS03
Photography of Vintage Paisley - Mustard & Blue

Vintage Paisley - Mustard & Blue

Here we have a selection of beautiful paisley dress fabrics which are 110cm wide. These fine polyester crepes fabrics are perfect for summer dresses, blouses & skirts.
Part number: 1904B16C
Photography of Vintage Paisley - Orange & Brown

Vintage Paisley - Orange & Brown

Here we have a selection of beautiful paisley dress fabrics which are 110cm wide. These fine polyester crepes fabrics are perfect for summer dresses, blouses & skirts.
Part number: 1904B16A
Photography of Wool - Game On

Wool - Game On

158cm wide traditional Gamekeepers British wool tweed in many shades of brown with a fine line over check in dark red. A stunning cloth
Part number: 1807K07
Photography of Wool - Historical - Seymour

Wool - Historical - Seymour

Here we have a cloth in a paisley fleur-de-lis design, a beautiful design that might be derived from medieval wares, it is hugely clever and very dramatic and probably not one to be overdone.
Part number: 1712k10a*
Photography of Wool - Sporting

Wool - Sporting

150cm wide, lightweight 100% wool jacketing in grey, black and rust, sporting check.
Part number: 7359g
Photography of Smudge


170cm wide, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey with an all over animal print design. Good for dresses and tops.
Part number: 1901C04*
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