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Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Croft Mill Fabric Picks of The Week, our selection of fabrics we know you will love
Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Pale Olive

Chasing Rainbows - Pale Olive

150cm wide, fairly dark olive plain weave cloth with a very fine water repellent coating, not to be confused with waterproof this just repels water, for how long I am not sure.
Part number: 1808J06c
Photography of Day-O Vivid

Day-O Vivid

A tropical floral print in a quite large design in black with lots of colourful big decoration. A real death in paradise job this one.
Part number: 1811JO3b*
Photography of Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086g
Photography of Huddersfield's Best - Vivienne

Huddersfield's Best - Vivienne

Huddersfield, a place that has still got a firm grip on British manufacturing. A fine part of the world producing the finest wool fabrics in the world, this is no exception. Shining Poly/Wool suiting cloth which will make you a stunning item. This comes i
Part number: 6220a
Photography of Fine Lines - Poppy Red

Fine Lines - Poppy Red

This 150cm wide, silky, soft, polyester, has got thousands of fine lines in the form of tiny pleats which are permanent incidentally and comes in a poppy red.
Part number: 1805C12b
Photography of Du Maurier - Pale Kingfisher

Du Maurier - Pale Kingfisher

A 113cm wide pure silk dupion blouse cloth dress fabric in pale kingfisher. Exquisite.
Part number: 8129c
Photography of Demelza


142cm wide cotton in navy blue with an all over “gypsy” rose design. The colours in the design are, cream, cerise, lilac, flashes of a darker red, mustard and green. Not too pretty, quite splendid.
Part number: 1806E16
Photography of Linen Chambray - Peach

Linen Chambray - Peach

New In - European made glorious 100% linen chambray dress fabrics at 140cm wide. This one comes in a very pretty peach. Super for tunics, trousers and blouses.
Part number: 1807M01e
Photography of Loving The Afternoon - Miss

Loving The Afternoon - Miss

This 150cm wide polyester lace with a slightly larger design, none the less ideal for whatever purpose you can find for it.
Part number: 6390a
Photography of Kitson - Lavender Lady

Kitson - Lavender Lady

112cm wide superb quality solid craft/quilt cotton fabric with all over tiny flowers in pale lilac and white on a lavender ground.
Part number: 6334PFe
Photography of Indonesian Batik - Deep Blue Sea

Indonesian Batik - Deep Blue Sea

114cm wide, beautiful quality, hand dyed cotton batik blue, dark blue and black from Indonesia.
Part number: 1803b11
Photography of Indonesian Batik - Tropical Green

Indonesian Batik - Tropical Green

114cm wide. Beautiful hand dyed cotton batik in yellow and green leaf design on a green background from Indonesia. This is the best quality...
Part number: 1803B08
Photography of Floating on Air - Lime

Floating on Air - Lime

A beautiful quality lightweight soft and floaty chiffon fabric in lime. It is made from nylon which gives it the beautiful soft hand, it's really is nice. 140cm wide
Part number: 6381g
Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Beige

Chasing Rainbows - Beige

Beige - 140cm wide, very fine twill weave heavy cotton trousering in pale khaki, some might even say beige
Part number: 1808J06g
Photography of Camo Pink

Camo Pink

150cm wide, 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane jersey fabric weighing 200gsm². Fabulously soft and drapey viscose jersey material with an all over abstract design which looks like small brush strokes. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1901H17*
Photography of Candy Crepe - Aqua

Candy Crepe - Aqua

148cm wide lovely quality aqua double crepe dress fabric. A friend of mine recently posted a photo of her pool online, the water was the colour of this fabric and rippling, while the capti
Part number: 1990g
Photography of Canvas - VW Campervan

Canvas - VW Campervan

A 150cm wide, plain light beige cotton canvas with a Volkswagen carvanette print, in rows all over the cloth. The vehicles come in different colours and no doubted printed before the emissions scandal.
Part number: 1992b
Photography of Cat Tie

Cat Tie

150cm wide, Organic 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, a lovely darkish blue background with rows of cats, each row is facing the opposite direction. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1901H19*
Photography of Chambray - Heavy - Lilac

Chambray - Heavy - Lilac

A 58” wide lilac cotton chambray made up of blue yarns and white yarns, woven on some of the best looms money can buy and a great cloth to wear.
Part number: 376b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Daisy Grey

Poplin Prints - Daisy Grey

This cotton has little white flowers with red, pale blue, yellow and purple centres, scattered on a nice grey background. Ideal for children's clothes and soft furnishings.
Part number: 6421
Photography of Poplin Prints - Fancy Pants - Sky Blue

Poplin Prints - Fancy Pants - Sky Blue

112cm wide lovely sky blue, pink, dark pink and white floral print on a soft cotton poplin, a fabric which is good for dressmaking, crafts and for light furnishing.
Part number: 6431c
Photography of Poplin Prints - Felicity- Grey

Poplin Prints - Felicity- Grey

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with an all-over flower design on a grey background. Very pretty indeed.
Part number: 1902O02b
Photography of Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Turquoise

Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Turquoise

Turquiose Cotton Poplin Fabric 45" (114 cm) wide 100% cotton, beautiful fabric. Approx 121gsm
Part number: 86f
Photography of Plantagenet


150cm wide, fine and lovely quality cotton poplin shirting in cream with and all over quite beautiful floral print.
Part number: 1810V13
Photography of Ponte Roma - Aqua

Ponte Roma - Aqua

150cm wide good quality 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane Ponte Roma Fabric in Aqua. Densely woven double jersey, which is easy to sew and easy care for too.
Part number: 7244d
Photography of Poplin prints - Caroline- Chartreuse

Poplin prints - Caroline- Chartreuse

We had bought a lot of fabrics and I was adamant that I was not going to buy anything else for a while, but I couldn't resist this because I think it is so pretty, so timeless and ageless and by that I mean any baby, girl, woman, lady or grandma could wea
Part number: 701d
Photography of A Collection - Blue Kaftan

A Collection - Blue Kaftan

150cm wide, Kaftan Blue – A mid blue ground with a square print not unlike item C with a border in dotted green and yellow and then pink floral detailing towards the centre of the square.
Part number: 1808B09f
Photography of A Lace Collection- Floral Delight

A Lace Collection- Floral Delight

134cm wide, lace tulle with an all over tiny circular floral design in peach, pale gold and pale grey all on a nude net ground with a scalloped edge, truly delightful.
Part number: 1809C12
Photography of A Lace Collection- Sparkle

A Lace Collection- Sparkle

134cm wide, lace tulle with a scalloped edge on both sides in ivory. The pattern is a fairly large sprawling floral design embroidered in polished yarns with corded edge, some elements are embellished with holographic sequins which have a sparkly element
Part number: 1809C14
Photography of Alicia


150cm wide, light, navy, fine polyester crepe dress cloth, with an all over but, sparsely printed with a delicate floral print in pink, green , pale blue, pale beige, mustard and a different shade of pink in the centre of the white tiny flowers.
Part number: 1807M08
Photography of An Italian Job

An Italian Job

It is 150cm wide, Italian worsted wool, light weight suiting, in the tiniest hounds tooth type checks. Drapes beautifully with a lovely soft hand and will suit all who wear it.
Part number: 1807L03
Photography of Denim - Heavenly - Paisley

Denim - Heavenly - Paisley

This Denim is a classic as they come, in a traditional but very pretty small scale floral in a white over print on a light blue denim chambray.
Part number: 1804001
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Linen Chambray - Peach

New In - European made glorious 100% linen chambray dress fabrics at 140cm wide. This one comes in a very pretty peach. Super for tunics, trousers and blouses.
Part number: 1807M01e
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Photography of Le Creperie - Orangey Pink

Le Creperie - Orangey Pink

A lovely lightweight crepe-de-chine blouse fabric in a deep orangey-pink.
Part number: 1977c
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