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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of Appropos Pink

Appropos Pink

150cm Wide exceptionally pink cotton/lycra jersey fabric with an embroidered floral jersey ribbon pattern. Please note that this will shrink when it is washed on the first occasion so please wash the fabrics before you make it up, it can be washed on a n
Part number: CM241b
Photography of Ponte Roma - Kingfisher Blue

Ponte Roma - Kingfisher Blue

A 150cm wide ponte roma in a true kingfisher blue. 
Part number: 2003
Photography of Ponte Roma - Emerald Green

Ponte Roma - Emerald Green

A 150cm wide ponte roma in a strong emerald.
Part number: 2002
Photography of Ponte Roma - Candy Pink

Ponte Roma - Candy Pink

A 150cm wide ponte roma in a candy pink sort of colour. 
Part number: 2000
Photography of Ponte Roma - Deep Aqua

Ponte Roma - Deep Aqua

A 150cm wide ponte roma in a deep aqua colour. Not too blue, not too green.
Part number: 1999
Photography of Wide Mouth Frog

Wide Mouth Frog

I’m not so sure, why this cloth should remind me of the Wide Month Frog. Which as I know some of you will know, is a restaurant. Though I can’t honestly remember where it is; I’ll try Spain, Southern Spain. And it was one of those places you had to go to
Part number: 1998
Photography of Nicely Does It

Nicely Does It

150cm wide mid/lightweight lovely soft 95% viscose, 5% elastane Italian jersey fabric. The cloth is ivory with a stunning abstract black floral design printed onto it. Being viscose this is a breathable comfortable fabric to wear plus it drapes beautifull
Part number: 1197
Photography of Ponte Roma - Dark Teal

Ponte Roma - Dark Teal

A 150cm wide dark bluey-green polyester elastane knitted heavy jersey fabric, beloved of anyone that likes comfort and doesn’t mind VPL. Great colour.
Part number: 1994
Photography of Ponte Roma - Stripe

Ponte Roma - Stripe

A 150cm wide available in black with a fine horizontal white stripe polyester elastane knitted heavy jersey fabric, beloved of anyone that likes comfort and doesn’t mind VPL.
Part number: 1994b
Photography of Bundles - Jersey Small

Bundles - Jersey Small

These jersey packs have between 0.5m pieces of jersey of all kinds - viscose, cotton, plain, patterned, heavy weigt, light weight. You will get a total of 4 metres.   These are non-returnable. 
Part number: BJS
Photography of Woodstock


A 155cm wide viscose lycra fine jersey in a very pale turquoise with an Hawaiian inspired floral and spray print in more purple, tiny bits of orange and other shades of turquoise, a big-ish sort of pattern but still very delicate. Very much from the flowe
Part number: 1993
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Peach

Cotton Jersey - Peach

100% lovely quality cotton jersey fabric in peach
Part number: 1920b

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