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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of Black Cotton Jersey

Black Cotton Jersey

152cm wide black cotton jersey fabric.
Part number: 4032
Photography of All I can see

All I can see

Another superb viscose Lycra jersey fabric from Liberty . This is a clever print made up of shades of mauve and aqua distressed roses on a black ground. great to wear with denim or anything black. A medium weight jersey.
Part number: 1328
Photography of Appropos


150cm Wide exceptionally black cotton/lycra jersey fabric with an embroidered floral jersey ribbon pattern. Please note that this will shrink when it is washed on the first occasion so please wash the fabrics before you make it up, it can be washed on a n
Part number: 241
Photography of Black bottom

Black bottom

In with all the Italian woollens the variety came this very heavy 150cm wide 96%cotton 4% polyamide jersey. Very similar to a Ponte Roma jersey but being cotton it isn’t, because it’s a lot better I dare say I haven’t seen a better jersey in my time in cl
Part number: 1520
Photography of Blue Floral

Blue Floral

155cm wide beautifully soft fibe knitted 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey in blue printed all over with white daisies. 
Part number: 3008
Photography of Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

150cm wide superfine cotton lycra jersey in a wonderful vibrant cerise.
Part number: 1334
Photography of Buckets for Gold

Buckets for Gold

Those were the days; donky rides of the beach, buckets for gold, posh deck chairs for back problems and sand that you had for many a did following. This is 150cm wide quite heavy cotton lycra jersey in off white with an all over holiday design of little b
Part number: 3012
Photography of Bundles - Jersey Large

Bundles - Jersey Large

These jersey packs have between 5-7 pieces in them at between 0.7 - 0.9m mixed in them and you will get around 6 metres in total. They have mixed patterns and qualities and are £10 each These are non-returnable.
Part number: BJL
Photography of California Girls

California Girls

This 97% Viscose, 3% Lycra jersey is fun and carefree. The stripes are suitably wide in white, coral, orange and one stripe is made up of thinner coral and white stripes. Though from a distance that can look like a marled band, rather than lots of tiny st
Part number: 1329
Photography of Caribbean


150cm wide Italian designer viscose Lycra jersey in a quite large geometric and floral design which would ideally be right at home on the beaches of the Caribbean. Hugely colourful and very striking, incidentally its 150cm wide.
Part number: 2045
Photography of Carnival


Knitted polyester cardigan weight fabric in red blue green and white and the colours are in tiny little frilled rows each over lapping the other. If you made little girls dresses from this it would be not dissimilar but obviously much smaller. Lovely and
Part number: 2189
Photography of Cotton Jersey - White - Roll

Cotton Jersey - White - Roll

Good quality medium to lightweight white cotton jersey fabric
Part number: 64b

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