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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of John Kaldor - Beyond The Black Hole

John Kaldor - Beyond The Black Hole

160cm wide, fine polyester, elastane, jersey, in a creation busting floral/abstract print in oranges, peach, pink, deep red, black, brown, and watered down versions of those colours with some white splodging, an eye catcher.
Part number: 1804JK10
Photography of Polyester Jersey - Slinky Blue

Polyester Jersey - Slinky Blue

150cm wide slinky it says on the label, viscose lycra jersey in dark navy. It’s quite different to the rest we have in stock, so you can have both.
Part number: 1711E05
Photography of Scuba - Black

Scuba - Black

154 cm wide polyester, elastane, black scuba fabric
Part number: 1805j12
Photography of Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Dusky Pink

Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Dusky Pink

Beautiful 160cm wide superfine mercerised cotton of a fineness and density it is almost impossible to understand. One of many new fabulous mercerised cotton jerseys just in, this one comes in a fabulous shade of dusky pink.
Part number: 1804J01F
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Mustard

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Mustard

160cm wide, deliciously mustard yellow coloured viscose knitted jersey fabric with a soft hand.
Part number: 6309g
Photography of Ponte Roma - Knight Rider

Ponte Roma - Knight Rider

160cm wide very good quality knitted 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane ponte roma dress/craft fabric in deep black colour.
Part number: 7244f
Photography of Marley Knit - Blue Cream

Marley Knit - Blue Cream

150cm wide polyester, fairly sloppy and very soft knit jersey; the sort of thing you make that doesn’t fit however you try…… but you don’t really want it to either, perfect if you want comfort, great for casual tops.
Part number: 6391b
Photography of Takeaway


155cm wide knitted Ponte Roma like jersey in black cream and grey with most of the black appearing as lightly raised velvet in what is an abstract scrawley pattern. I think this could look good.
Part number: 6409
Photography of Bubbles


145cm wide black stretchy polyester jersey, knitted in such a way as to have what appear to be hundreds of tiny bubbles, in rows up and down the cloth, nice and soft very attractive and will hide bumps and lumps.
Part number: 6368
Photography of Bevy


150cm wide fine viscose lycra jersey in a fabulously colourful Caribbean floral print in as many colours as you can imagine.
Part number: 8109
Photography of Black Cotton Jersey

Black Cotton Jersey

152cm wide black cotton jersey fabric.
Part number: 733c
Photography of Bonny - Days of Yore

Bonny - Days of Yore

140cm wide delightful 96% viscose 4% lycra jersey in a bold, old fashioned I suppose you would say, rugby style stripe in lime green, sea green, navy and stone, the stripes are approximately 5cm wide and are horizontal unless you stand them on end.
Part number: 8167

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