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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of Wonderland


Truly gorgeous 155cm wide 95% viscose 5% lycra jersey with a gorgeous all over floral print in subtle tones of mustard, blue and lilac with white all on a black background, perhaps simplifying things, but the colours merge into each other and come out aga
Part number: 6318
Photography of Marled Stripe

Marled Stripe

160cm wide fine but slight open marled jersey in grey and black stripes. The stripes are about 2cm wide and are they to be noticed. Very soft and drapey jersey, ideal for tops and wraps. Made from 50% viscose 50% polyester.
Part number: 6317
Photography of Jacquard Jersey

Jacquard Jersey

145cm wide cream 50% Viscose 50% Polyester very soft jersey with a quite nice and quite intricate self-coloured pattern.
Part number: 6316
Photography of Pucci


150cm wide fabulous designer silk jersey comes in a quite violently coloured floral coloured abstract design in cerise, orange, black, lime green and white. This is truly a slinky cloth and quite a statement.
Part number: 6315
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Hello Sailor

Cotton Jersey - Hello Sailor

150cm wide fine black and cream stripe cotton lycra jersey with a soft hand.
Part number: 6314
Photography of Cotton Jersey - My Way

Cotton Jersey - My Way

160cm wide blue and ivory 100% Cotton striped jersey. Where the blue stripe is made up of ivory and blue so it does add a bit of interest. The stripes run horizontally and are 2 inches wide. Very nice and a classic fabric, perfect for tops and dresses, wa
Part number: 6313
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

This is the first of a little series of patterned or stripe jersey some of which complement the plain ones but they won’t meant to, so don’t read too much into that. This first one is 160cm wide quite brightly striped jersey in black, bright turquoise, pu
Part number: 6312
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

155cm wide darkest black, very soft 95% viscose 5% Elastane jersey which might be slightly see through if stretch too tightly, but then again perhaps not.
Part number: 6311c
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

150cm wide 95% viscose 5% lycra jersey in a softened but still quite bright lime green. You know how some of the clothes that the queen wears are always colours that perhaps not really seen before, I think this is one of them.
Part number: 6311b
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Royal

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Royal

A quite fantastically coloured cobalt blue 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey 150cm wide almost whisper light but what a colour.
Part number: 6311
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Burnt Orange

Viscose Jersey - Burnt Orange

167cm wide super soft 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey in lovely burnt orange.
Part number: 6309c
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Milk Chocolate

Viscose Jersey - Milk Chocolate

An absolutely super fine, soft 95% viscose 5 % Elastane jersey in light milk chocolate brown, think you might have to check from time to time, you’ve actually got something on with this.
Part number: 6309b

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