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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of Ponte Roma - Olive

Ponte Roma - Olive

150cm wide good quality 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane Ponte Roma jersey fabric in a dull olive green colour.
Part number: 7244j
Photography of Ponte Roma - Royal

Ponte Roma - Royal

150cm wide good quality 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane Ponte Roma Fabric in a rich royal blue. Densley woven double jersey, which is easy to sew and easy care for too.
Part number: 754d
Photography of Scuba - Tahiti

Scuba - Tahiti

130cm wide polyester, elastane, heavy jersey scuba which I’m sure is suitable for maybe even swimwear certainly leotards.
Part number: 8013c
Photography of Set Piece - Bevy 1m

Set Piece - Bevy 1m

150cm wide fine viscose lycra jersey in a fabulously colourful Caribbean floral print in as many colours as you can imagine.
Discount 15%
Part number: SP8109
Photography of Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

A whopping 160cm wide 95% Viscose/ 5% lycra fantastic quality Italian jersey that has come from a small London designer brand that is sadly no longer, this comes in black with a fairly large all over floral pattern in blue, lilac, white with a hint of bei
Part number: 6274
Photography of Something for the Weekend - Sprig

Something for the Weekend - Sprig

150cm wide quite substantial black polyester jersey on to which has been printed/embossed a fairly large abstract sprig sort of design with a little bit of a sheen.
Part number: 4059
Photography of Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket

This 148cm wide substantial polyester elastane jersey which you wouldn’t see through if you could stretch it 3 times its size and therefore eminently suitable for tight fitting garments but the colour maybe a little bit off putting. It’s a dark olive gree
Part number: 6257
Photography of The Striped One

The Striped One

150cm wide cream and pale grey striped ribbed jersey with the most incredible soft finish.
Part number: 7232
Photography of The Trotten Grape

The Trotten Grape

165cm wide 95% viscose 5%elastane John Kaldor jersey in white with an all over I think floral print in dark blue purple black pink mauve and lilac. Which are for some reason reminding me of what I think grapes having been truly squashed might look like as
Part number: 7173
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Andrews Peach

Viscose Jersey - Andrews Peach

190cm wide Lightweight Jersey fabric. wonderful Viscose Lycra drapey qualities due to the fineness but with that comes a see through element- great for sleepwear, loose cowl neck tops and layered slacks.
Part number: 1523k
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

160cm wide knitted viscose jersey 95% viscose 5% Elastane 4-way stretch in black.
Part number: 6309b
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Chartreuse

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Chartreuse

150cm wide 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey in fairly vivid but yet somehow dull chartreuse yellow.
Part number: 6309d

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