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Here we have a selection of Jersey fabrics, if you are looking for cotton or viscose jersey fabrics in particular you will be able to find them both here and in the sub-section. If your pattern specifies a knit fabric, then a jersey will be fine.  

Photography of The Striped One

The Striped One

150cm wide cream and pale grey striped ribbed jersey with the most incredible soft finish.
Part number: 7232
Photography of The Trotten Grape

The Trotten Grape

165cm wide 95% viscose 5%elastane John Kaldor jersey in white with an all over I think floral print in dark blue purple black pink mauve and lilac. Which are for some reason reminding me of what I think grapes having been truly squashed might look like as
Part number: 7173
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Andrews Peach

Viscose Jersey - Andrews Peach

190cm wide Lightweight Jersey fabric. wonderful Viscose Lycra drapey qualities due to the fineness but with that comes a see through element- great for sleepwear, loose cowl neck tops and layered slacks.
Part number: 1523k
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Apple

150cm wide 95% viscose 5% lycra jersey in a softened but still quite bright lime green. You know how some of the clothes that the queen wears are always colours that perhaps not really seen before, I think this is one of them.
Part number: 6309e
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Black

160cm wide knitted viscose jersey 95% viscose 5% Elastane 4-way stretch in black.
Part number: 6309b
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Chartreuse

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Chartreuse

150cm wide 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey in fairly vivid but yet somehow dull chartreuse yellow.
Part number: 6309d
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Lime

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Lime

A wonderfully brightly coloured lime green 95% viscose 5% lycra jersey 160cm wide with a very soft hand.
Part number: 6309d
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Royal

Viscose Jersey - Bobbie's Royal

A quite fantastically coloured cobalt blue 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey 150cm wide almost whisper light but what a colour.
Part number: 6309c
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Burnt Orange

Viscose Jersey - Burnt Orange

167cm wide super soft 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey in lovely burnt orange.
Part number: 6309c
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Chocolate Brown

Viscose Jersey - Chocolate Brown

160cm wide decent quality viscose jersey fabric in chocolate brown. Far eastern made cloth reasonable weight, better for tops than bottoms but for the price you can experiment with it. In fact this will work wonders on a cowl neck.
Part number: 735b
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

This is the first of a little series of patterned or stripe jersey some of which complement the plain ones but they won’t meant to, so don’t read too much into that. This first one is 160cm wide quite brightly striped jersey in black, bright turquoise, pu
Part number: 6312
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Dark Beige

Viscose Jersey - Dark Beige

160cm wide 100% viscose jersey fabric in a lovely shade of dark beige.
Part number: 735a

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