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Cotton Knitted Jersey

We have a range of cotton jersey dress fabric material available to buy here online. Please browse our product range and if you can't find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact us.
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Peach

Cotton Jersey - Peach

100% lovely quality cotton jersey fabric in peach
Part number: 1920c
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Royal

Cotton Jersey - Royal

100% lovely quality cotton jersey fabric in royal
Part number: 1920d
Photography of Wupert


I went sailing with my friend Wupert on a rather hot day, we didnít bother with those sail things, just had those big engines sticking out of the top and propellers. Well after going quite a long way, Wupert decided to stop in this secluded little cove so
Part number: 1954
Photography of Magical - M and S Red

Magical - M and S Red

166cm wide very fine cotton/lycra jersey in red, tons of yarn making it a substantial but lightweight cloth. Of itís kind as good a cloth as I have seen.
Part number: 1082c
Photography of Liberty - Clifton

Liberty - Clifton

150cm wide fine cotton jersey in very pale cream/off white with a super all over tiny floral design in all the wonderful colours suitable for a childís swirly skirt. One of the many reasons to be cheerful.
Part number: 1767
Photography of Cotton Jersey - White - Roll

Cotton Jersey - White - Roll

Good quality medium to lightweight white cotton jersey fabric
Part number: 64b
Photography of My Mum Makes -  Funky Pants - Black

My Mum Makes - Funky Pants - Black

Fancy a pair of comfy funky pants? Three colours to choose from
Part number: 1197f
Photography of Appropos


150cm Wide exceptionally black cotton/lycra jersey fabric with an embroidered floral jersey ribbon pattern. Please note that this will shrink when it is washed on the first occasion so please wash the fabrics before you make it up, it can be washed on a n
Part number: 241
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Black - Roll

Cotton Jersey - Black - Roll

Good quality medium to lightweight black cotton jersey fabric
Part number: 64a
Photography of Black bottom

Black bottom

In with all the Italian woollens the variety came this very heavy 150cm wide 96%cotton 4% polyamide jersey. Very similar to a Ponte Roma jersey but being cotton it isnít, because itís a lot better I dare say I havenít seen a better jersey in my time in cl
Part number: 1520
Photography of Oh My Word

Oh My Word

This 144cm wide cream of the barley 93% Cotton, 7% elastane knitted suiting is as heavy and thick as I think you could want in such a cloth. A lovely hand fabulously beautifully made, in a deep rich cream. The only sad thing is that I canít imagine anyth
Part number: 2080
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