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You will be running rings around the competition if you make something out these tracksuit fabrics. Tracksuit fabrics are comfortable to wear and are mostly easy to care for.

Photography of Paisley Ponte

Paisley Ponte

150cm wide very soft poly cotton elastane” track suiting” fairly fine with a smooth finish black on one side and a navy blue and grey paisley swirly leaf print on the other. For the more sophisticated jogger.
Part number: 3380
Photography of Liberty - Genevieve

Liberty - Genevieve

150cm wide brushed cotton lightweight track suiting in a Technicolor dream coat design. Every colour imaginable.
Part number: 1731
Photography of Jumbly


This is another cloth in excess of 150cm wide in cream cotton, knitted in a heavy t-shirt/ light track suiting weight with a crinkly bottom sort of finish.
Part number: 3364
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