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Viscose Knitted Jersey

These are our viscose jerseys. We try to get them in a variety of colours and styles for you, so hopefully you like what you see. Viscose jersey fabric, tends to have more stretch than its cotton jersey counterpart.

Photography of Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Here we have a lovely quality lightweight jersey in a soft yellow. It is a substantial yellow, but not a bright-in-your-face shade. As it is lightweight it would be perfect for a cowl neck.
Part number: 1955b
Photography of Caribbean


150cm wide Italian designer viscose Lycra jersey in a quite large geometric and floral design which would ideally be right at home on the beaches of the Caribbean. Hugely colourful and very striking, incidentally its 150cm wide.
Part number: 2045
Photography of Ground Cover - Pink

Ground Cover - Pink

A 150cm wide fine viscose elastane jersey in black, with an all over tiny floral design in orangey pink, with pale grey foliage and other tiny little cerise flowers dotted throughout the main design. Very pretty.
Part number: 1862b
Photography of Nicely Does It

Nicely Does It

150cm wide mid/lightweight lovely soft 95% viscose, 5% elastane Italian jersey fabric. The cloth is ivory with a stunning abstract black floral design printed onto it. Being viscose this is a breathable comfortable fabric to wear plus it drapes beautifull
Part number: 1197
Photography of Premium Viscose Jersey – Khaki

Premium Viscose Jersey – Khaki

148cm wide khaki premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.
Part number: 1535i
Photography of Premium Viscose Jersey – Orange

Premium Viscose Jersey – Orange

148cm wide orange premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.
Part number: 1535k
Photography of Premium Viscose Jersey – Pale Silver Marl

Premium Viscose Jersey – Pale Silver Marl

148cm wide marled silver grey premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.
Part number: 1535h
Photography of St Marie

St Marie

As a follow of the absurd, I am drawn to Death in Paradise, which hasn’t improved it has to be said and seems to have been made so that actors from the UK can have a little bit of sunshine respite, while still hanging on to their BBC contracts. This visco
Part number: 1642
Photography of Super Slouch Jersey

Super Slouch Jersey

As you can see, we have a large quantity of jersey fabrics in at the moment and one theory is – ‘you can never have enough of black!’ This is quite different to all of the others – it is viscose but the knit is looser, it has a more open weave, not too op
Part number: 980
Photography of Viscose Jerse Lightweight Ivory

Viscose Jerse Lightweight Ivory

Premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.  This is lightweight fabric but it is packed full of yarn making it wonderfully soft and therefore giving it superb draping qualities A soft, breathable and wonderfully comfortable fabric.
Part number: 1958
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Apple

Viscose Jersey - Apple

158cm wide gorgeous granny smith appley green Viscose/Lycra lovely quality Jersey fabric, about 180-200gsm soft breathable Jersey fabric which is wonderfully drapey and comfortable to wear. 
Part number: 1523a
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Jade

Viscose Jersey - Jade

A lovely jade green superb quality viscose Lycra jersey fabric. This is a lighter weight Jersey with a lot of yarn.
Part number: 1523g

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