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Viscose Knitted Jersey

These are our viscose jerseys. We try to get them in a variety of colours and styles for you, so hopefully you like what you see. Viscose jersey fabric, tends to have more stretch than its cotton jersey counterpart.

Photography of The Fall

The Fall

160cm wide, fine 95% viscose 5% spandex jersey with an all over mosaic like print, made up of flowers and leaves, all in lovely rich autumn colours, quite different.
Part number: 7365
Photography of Super Splodge

Super Splodge

145cm wide, super fine 95% viscose 5%spandex jersey in an all over quite large splodgey design in a vast array of wonderful bright colours. Ideal as a coverall when you really can’t be bothered. There is a line rib every 1.5” running through the basecloth
Part number: 7366
Photography of Set Piece - Viscose Jersey – Candy Pink 1.4m

Set Piece - Viscose Jersey – Candy Pink 1.4m

A lightweight, nice and soft lovely quality viscose jersey fabric in a candy pink. This would look stunning made into tops or a lovely dress.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP735f
Photography of Set Piece - Another Secret Garden - Green 1.4m

Set Piece - Another Secret Garden - Green 1.4m

160cm wide beautifully knitted 58% viscose 37% polyester 5% spandex Ponte Roma jersey of a weight entirely suitable for a short and long garments which comes in two Fairly similar patterns. Both Fabrics are floral designs that are not immediately obvious
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1795a
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Sunset Pink

Viscose Jersey - Sunset Pink

160cm wide beautiful soft yarn spun viscose jersey fabric in a warm sunset pink colour.
Part number: 7361c
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Dark Beige

Viscose Jersey - Dark Beige

160cm wide 100% viscose jersey fabric in a lovely shade of dark beige.
Part number: 735a
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Fabulous Red

Viscose Jersey - Fabulous Red

160cm wide great viscose jersey in a fabulous red colour. This is a medium to lightweight fabric, expensive looking quality and vibrant colour. Fantastic draping qualities.
Part number: 735d
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Very Dark Navy

Viscose Jersey - Very Dark Navy

155cm wide premium quality very dark navy viscose jersey dress fabric. Perfect for dresses and tops.
Part number: 735g
Photography of Sheepless Nights

Sheepless Nights

150cm wide, light jersey in a lovely deep rusty colour, with an all over abstract design in white.
Part number: 7340
Photography of Bliss


155cm wide, black jersey with an all over, not to large, not to small floral print in blue, pale orange, mustard, turquoise and white.
Part number: 7319
Photography of The Striped One

The Striped One

150cm wide cream and pale grey striped ribbed jersey with the most incredible soft finish.
Part number: 7232
Photography of Marlene


Superb soft viscose lycra jersey dress with wonderful draping qualities. From one of the German's best mill. This jersey is perfect for dress or tops.
Part number: 7230

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