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Photography of Christmas Polycotton - All The Reindeer

Christmas Polycotton - All The Reindeer

This 110cm wide cream coloured Superior Quality, 65% poly 35% cotton has reindeers printed all over it in red, green and grey.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2121b
Photography of SET PIECE 1.4M Poplin Prints - Summer Surprise

SET PIECE 1.4M Poplin Prints - Summer Surprise

SET PIECE 1.4M 114cm wide good quality soft yellow cotton poplin with a white 'cloud' pattern that includes small yellow ,red and pink flowers. Between these clouds are cherries ,ripe and ready to be pickled.
Discount 10%
Part number: 4501
Photography of Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

A 170cm wide soft but thick polyester knitted lace in black, whilst there are a lot of holes in the fabric being a lace knit there is an awful lot of yarn. So it must have been made for shawls, for Spanish ladies to sit in the shade in the heat of summer.
Discount 50%
Part number: 2050
Photography of Occasion


137cm wide, 90% polyester, 10% metallic, Italian made suiting although I don’t imagine anybody making a suit out of this, but I can see it been made into jackets for summer evening wear or a special occasion.
Part number: 1801M07
Photography of Alice Marley

Alice Marley

This  146cm wide very fine polyester georgette has a fairly large goth like floral abstract print in dark autumn colours of rust, blue, turquoise and brown on a black background.
Part number: 8152
Photography of Think Again

Think Again

150cm wide, 60%polyester, 40% viscose, fairly ruggedly woven, lightish coating/jacketing in black and cerise. The yarns are of varying thicknesses and are in the form of a two centimetre square check.
Part number: 1710M01
Photography of Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

130cm wide, beautiful quality pale rose pink net completely covered in tiny rose gold sequins from john Kaldor, hardly any weight in it at all so not just for tiny dancers. 
Part number: 6209
Photography of Faking It

Faking It

I don't think Alan was impressed with this one. We on the other hand thought you might be. A 100% polyester fake ivory metallic leather onto which has been stitched little sequins in the same colour. 
Discount 50%
Part number: 1926
Photography of Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Beautiful quality very fine cotton poplin in pink, there is lots of pink. There are flowers, butterflies and this is perfect for a little girls dress. If you don't mind being gender specific I suppose.
Discount 25%
Part number: 7179
Photography of Springs Creative - Frozen- sisters Forever

Springs Creative - Frozen- sisters Forever

112cm wide Disney Springs Creative craft cotton. This print has the phrase sisters forever uniformed on the fabric along with pictures of Elsa and Anna. The ground is purple with lilac spots and snowflakes on. Non commercial use.
Discount 15%
Part number: 1465c
Photography of Springs Creative - Frozen - Anna And Elsa Purple Fleece

Springs Creative - Frozen - Anna And Elsa Purple Fleece

150cm wide polyester fleece fabric with adorable sisters Elsa and Anna print.
Discount 15%
Part number: 6575
Photography of Cuddle Fleece- Springs Creative - Frozen Characters - Purple

Cuddle Fleece- Springs Creative - Frozen Characters - Purple

150cm wide 100% Polyester fabric from springs creative with the frozen sisters Elsa and Anna on a gorgeous purple ground. This cuddle fleece fabric is warm and cosy and is ultra-soft to touch.
Discount 15%
Part number: 1466b

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