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Waterloo 2.60m set piece



Approx Width: 53"/134cm  Composition:  cotton, viscose and silk
This is a 2.60m set piece .Somebody must have been clutching at straws when they thought of that name, because as we know, Waterloo is in Belgium and this cloth is Italian. Made in what I believe to be cotton, viscose and silk in an abstract palm-fromed sort of design in a pale mushroom with darker mushroom markings. I am as sure as I can be that this is a furnishing cloth, but would certainly make beautiful shawls and wraps, and that sort of things. It has come from a factory that does in fact make both fashion and furnishings. It has a lovely soft and would look equally well or, or on a wall or on at a window.
What Can I Make With This?: Furnishing Covers, Wraps
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