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Here we have a selection of fabrics that are perfect for making up into outfits for the big day. Although many of them are not 'bridal' they will work well for guests and for mother of the bride outfits.
Photography of Wool Fine Crepe

Wool Fine Crepe

In this ever changing world we wondering when next exciting round of cloths will come from. This one is a gem and quite unlike anything we have had before, a stunning Italian made designer wool plaid fine crepe in navy and damson. What a corker!
Part number: 6221
Photography of Microdolly


170cm wide, very expensive luxurious polyester with 12% Elastane shirting fabric from Spain. This has a huge amount of stretch with a matt back and beautiful lustrous face. Nice and soft will be a dream to wear. Victoria Bekham's hot colour this season. B
Part number: 6219
Photography of Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

130cm wide, beautiful quality pale rose pink net completely covered in tiny rose gold sequin from john Kaldor, hardly any weight in it at all so not just for tiny dancers.
Part number: 6209
Photography of Called To The Bar

Called To The Bar

We are approaching the season when we spend our time being called to the bar or being dragged away from it. The time of year to sparkle, whether we feel like it or not! This sequin jersey from John Kaldor is fabulous.
Part number: 6206
Photography of Broccato - Kissmet

Broccato - Kissmet

Another superb brocade fabric, made in Italy this dramatic fabric will be wonderful as a pair of trousers or skirt, but for these not faint of heart, a jacket!
Part number: 6204c
Photography of Broccato - Emerald Ocean

Broccato - Emerald Ocean

Made in Italy, 150cm wide a superb emerald green brocade fabric with paisley pattern.
Part number: 6204b
Photography of Broccato - They Just Keep Coming

Broccato - They Just Keep Coming

Made in Italy, this 154cm wide beautiful metallic, rust, orange and pewter brocade, will liven any outfit. Perfect for skirts, trousers and jackets. If You have the budget why not go for all 3?
Part number: 6204a
Photography of Truely Madly Deeply

Truely Madly Deeply

Hook, line, and sinker we fell for this unusual fabric. Made in Italy this heart woven jacquard is a double cloth giving the fabric a wonderful texture, it is light and due to its stricture even though it is cotton virtually creaseless. Superb as 1 item,
Part number: 6203
Photography of Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Glorious 150cm wide black floral brocade. Perfect for this or any seasons party dress. This is beautifully made, soft fabric in acetate with polyester.
Part number: 6202
Photography of Well What Have We 'Ere

Well What Have We 'Ere

This is a rather interesting and expensively produced lace fabric, You have 2 jobs in 1 here, in that the cotton lace in bonded to it's nylon jersey base. Now, the jersey stretches but where the lace is dense, the fabric is less mobile. So, you do have a
Part number: 6201
Photography of Set Piece - Pongee - Blue 1m

Set Piece - Pongee - Blue 1m

150cm wide blue polyester dress fabric. Fine as you like with a lovely soft hand. Jubilicous!
Discount 10%
Part number: SP3381c
Photography of Set Piece - Chiffon - Pale Pink 1.9m

Set Piece - Chiffon - Pale Pink 1.9m

149cm wide very pretty pale pink fabric. This is not a flat shiny chiffon, it has a crepe weave giving it texture and an elegant finish.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1323n

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