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Some changes to the mail order catalogue

We are making some changes to the way we send our mail order catalogue.

(This does not apply if you order by phone or post. This is only relevant for online customers. Regular mail order customers who place orders via the phone or post will still receive a catalogue).

Up until now, for our web based customers, we have asked whether you want the catalogue on an ongoing basis or just the latest catalogue. We have done our best to meet these requests but due to the increasing demand and costs we have made the decision to send it to those of you who have requested the catalogue recently.

In the future when we are getting ready to send the catalogue we will send an email asking you to register your interest so you don’t miss out if you want one. We are sorry as you would have to do this for each catalogue. However, the process is simple and quick so it will not be too much trouble and it will really help us deliver a better service.

So just to re-cap;

For issue 35 posted this week, if you requested a catalogue online on or after the 1st October then you will get your catalogue this week. If you didn’t and you want one, please let us know using the request a catalogue link and we will send you one promptly 2nd class.

In the future we will send the catalogues to those who register for each one and will be in touch by email to remind you.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please do get in touch with us by email at

Many thanks for all your loyal custom.

With kind regards

Caroline and the team at Croft Mill

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