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Photography of Corset



54" wide polyester, taffeta with bands of fancy weave elastic giving a ruched effect.
Part number: CM896
Photography of Stretchy



114cm wide black cotton/elastane poplin shirting fabric.
Part number: CM893
Photography of Double Take


Double Take

Double muslin fabric in 100% Cotton. I had to look at this twice as this has 2 layers of muslin that have been stitched across the width at 1cm (a bit less) intervals. Another lovely and interesting fabric, I haven’t seen this before, it looks expensive
Photography of Sebastian



Smart, classy, strong (maybe a little bit posh?!) who knows but these words came to my mind as I was looking at this denim fabric. Maybe they are not what you think of when you hear the name Sebastian but…
Part number: CM892
Photography of Birds Eye


Birds Eye

60” wide pure worsted wool suiting/jacketing with tiny “bird’s eye” weave. Woven in Yorkshire this stunning wool is even suitable for a light weight coating (used with a good lining) Timeless!
Part number: CM892
Photography of Hathaway II


Hathaway II

New “Hathaway” fine herringbone weave cotton shirting in white .Beautiful quality fabric, it has a soft hand and feels lovely, it is not stiff at all. A white interesting good quality cotton fabric useful for all manner of shirting, crafting, light trouse
Part number: CM895
Photography of Heidi



Polyester/lycra “Heidi” blouse with a crinkle finish. This is a very pretty cloth with a lot of detail and for a cheap fabric it could make expensive looking garments.
Part number: CM891
Photography of Faking It


Faking It

150cm wide. Black Poly/viscose and I think some elastane. Super suiting/dress fabric. The viscose does mean some marginal creasing (I have scrunched it and there really isn’t any creasing). But on the whole a very nice, medium weight twill suiting cloth.
Part number: CM894
Photography of Extra Wide Calico


Extra Wide Calico

Approx 104”/267cm wide. Decent quality extra wide calico.
Part number: CM890
Photography of Cotton Ribbed Jersey


Cotton Ribbed Jersey

Superb quality heavy weight ribbed cotton jersey fabric, in a good dark black. The rib is quarter of an inch or 7mm.
Part number: CM889
Photography of Cross Hatch


Cross Hatch

To be or not to be… Black, not a pure dark black fabric, albeit a stunning cloth. Some blacks can be a little paler than others and it is fair to say that this is one of these. A good weight cotton suiting fabric with a cross hatch weave which gives it a
Part number: CM888
Photography of Loving It!


Loving It!

180cm wide superb quality ponte roma jersey. The back cloth is plain black, the face has a very nice, small abstract pattern, one which emulates a weave. This will go with almost anything, something you would wear again and again I think!
Part number: CM887

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