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Welcome to your local fabric supplier on-line and to our unique corner of the World Wide Web. We are Croft Mill and we love fabric, we specialise in dress and craft fabrics but we have many fabrics for all kinds of uses from dressmaking to furnishing. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in textiles and cloth so if you create, make and sew then please do come in and have a browse around to see what we have. Our stock changes regularly so if you donít find what you are looking for today then please come back or sign up to our newsletter below and we will let you know when it does.

Latest News

Fine Viscose Jersey - Pierre - Navy white stripe -cu

Super Striped Jersey Fabrics

15 September 2016
Of all the patterns on fabrics, none seem as classic or stylish as the simple stripe. Perhaps it is being simple that makes it so stylish? Striped knitted fabrics can be made up into tops, skirts or dresses and worn effortlessly. There is no need for extra adjustments or extravagance, just throw on the garment and go... Which can be helpful on a morning.
Georgette Dress Fabric - light Lilac - cu

New Georgettes

08 September 2016
Here are our new georgette fabrics, but the question is: do you like bright colours or subdued colours? Either way I am sure we will have something to suit your palette. View Now.

Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Photography of Approaching Paradise

Approaching Paradise

This 150cm wide polyester viscose dress cloth is of a colour that can possibly only been seen when approaching your own desert island and there is no grudge or impediment in the sea, only clear blues, greens and hints of purple and other tones of blue. Th
Photography of In Reverse

In Reverse

A 150cm wide cotton trousering in dark olive khaki, with a fairly light shower proof coating. That is fairly obvious, what isnít obvious is that that is not the side that gives you the waterproof element. Why do that I ask myself? Does it matter? I also a
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