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Share Your Sewing

Share Your Sewing

How to Share Your Customer Makes with Croft Mill

We absolutely love seeing what you've created using our fabrics and sewing patterns! Here are the simple steps you can follow to share your makes with us.

Option 1: Upload Directly on Product Pages

  1. Visit the Product: Navigate to the specific product page of the fabric or pattern you've used.
  2. Share Photos: Click on "Share your photos using this product" or if there are existing images in the Customer Makes tab click on "share photos."
  3. Enter Details: Provide your name and email address so we can contact you about your thank you gift.
  4. Upload: Click on 'Choose file' to upload a clear image of your creation.
  5. Submit and Wait: Allow up to 48 hours for your image to be reviewed and processed. Then, see your creation showcased!
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Option 2: Email Your Images

  1. Take Photos: Snap clear, well-lit photos of your creation.
  2. Email Us: Attach your images in an email and send them to

Option 3: Tag Us on Instagram

  1. Post Your Make: Share a photo of your project on Instagram.
  2. Tag Us: Use @­croftmi­llfabric in the caption or tag us in the photo itself.

Incentives: Discount Codes & Gifts

As a token of our appreciation, we're offering various prizes for those who share their makes with us:

  • Gift vouchers or promo code for next purchase.
  • Haberdashery items
  • Fabric bundles

Terms & Conditions

  1. Gifts: The nature of the gift—whether it's a discount, haberdashery item, or fabric bundle—will depend on where we use the images. For instance, if your creation is featured on our social media, you might receive a fabric bundle.
  2. Gift Claiming: To be eligable for your free gift please ensure you use the code MADEBYME on your emails/uploads at checkout or #mycrof­tmi­llmake on instagram 
  3. Image Rights: By submitting your images, you grant Croft Mill the right to use these images for promotional purposes across various platforms, including social media.
  4. Quality: We reserve the right to decline images that are blurry, poorly lit, or inappropriate in any way.
  5. Eligibility: To be eligible for these prizes, the submitted creations must exclusively use Croft Mill products.
  6. Notification: As a thank you, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity regarding your prizes.

We can't wait to see your fabulous makes!

Need Inspiration? Take a look at some our customer makes here.