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1st Jun 2022, 18:28
I love Croft Mill - a great selection of fabrics, with useful tips on the fabric under each entry. I’ve recommended you to all my friends as I appreciate the family feel of your firm and the personal touch.
22nd Mar 2022, 16:23
Sandra Bauer
Just to say thank you for dealing with my order so quickly, as requested. Excellent service from Croft Mill as usual. I have been a customer for more years than I care to remember!
13th Jan 2022, 14:09
sandra king
Soft crafter designer
Have just received my first order and so happy with delivery speed and gorgeous, great quality fabric. Will be back
8th Dec 2021, 10:41
Hi there

I’ve just read the company info on the website and had to write to say hello. I’ve been receiving your sales emails and have ordered from you in the past but didn’t realise the connection with Bradley Textiles.

Takes me back about 40 years when I lived in Lancashire and used to order from Bradley. Acres of brown nylon cord to make cushion covers for the caravan, clothes for the children, to say nothing of clothes for myself and trousers for hubby. Delighted to realise the old firm is still going.

Just ordered some fabric for patchwork. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Kind regards

17th Nov 2021, 09:55
I am the pest whose big parcel was returned to Croft Mill after exciting trips around South Manchester.

Rachel, who answered the phone to me on several occasions ( and phoned post offices, convenience stores, couriers and went into your despatch room) sorted the whole thing out!

I received my parcel the day after she sent it out again...hooray!

I have been shopping at Croft Mill since the times you advertised in magazines and had a paper catalogue, always worth reading as it was good for a laugh. I went to live in Canada for twenty years in 1997, and when I came back, Croft Mill was still here, and all bright and shiny on the world wide web.

I have never had a rubbish length of fabric from you, and in fact have had some absolute stunners.

I want someone to tell Rachel what a fabulous job she did, and how happy the new fabric has made me. Because like many of your customers, I suspect, I'm a sew-aholic.

Thank you Croft Mill, and thank you Rachel.

4th Oct 2021, 10:46
Just got my fabrics and love them all!
Thanks sooo much
24th Aug 2021, 09:25
Hi there, I've just received my parcel, this is my second purchase from you and I just wanted to tell you that I'm dead chuffed again. The fabric is lovely yet again! I'm using it to make drighties, that's what I call nightie/dress. I'm a wheelchair user so I need clothes that are loose and comfy and not constricting. Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work and will definitely be buying from you again. Best wishes, Danielle
9th Aug 2021, 12:16
Catherine Baglow
The canvas seat of my 30 plus year old wheeled gardening stool had finally perished but the frame was still okay. Ordered some lovely fabric from you which came within a couple of days. Stool now recovered and ready for use again. Thanks for the great service.
5th Jul 2021, 12:16
Thank you for your prompt delivery of my first order, pleased with the fabric for a new dress. I have put many other fabrics in my favourites and will purchase as and when “pennies” are available.
Regards Jenny Bailey
15th Mar 2021, 09:44
Stephanie Leary
The shipment has arrived in good time and well packed. This is my first order and am really pleased with the quality of the fabric. It won't be my last order that's for sure. Thanks.