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Cotton Poplin

Our cotton poplin is lovely quality and is perfect for dressmaking and craft projects, it is easy to sew and will make beautiful garments and products because it is soft and durable. Cotton poplin looks like a plain weave but the difference between them is there is more yarn in the warp of a poplin as it is more densely packed, often with twice as much yarn in the warp as in the weft.

Photography of Love me do - A Woodland Romance - Red


Love me do - A Woodland Romance - Red

Sweet and whimsical this fine weave cotton fabric has a small scale pattern full of romance and woodland beauty. Perfect for those thinking of creating something for spring.
Part number: CM613y
Photography of Poplin Prints - Grandmother's Garden


Poplin Prints - Grandmother's Garden

Grandmotherís always have the best gardenís donít they? And thatís what I thought of when I saw this cloth. Itís floral and pretty but also has a lovely vintage feel to it.
Part number: CM886
Photography of Poplin Prints - Mrs Jumbo


Poplin Prints - Mrs Jumbo

This has been named after Dumboís mother as I felt it was a bit to girly to be named after Dumbo himself. From checks to flowers the elephants on this cream cotton poplin sport a variety of designs and colours. It would be perfect in a little girlís bedro
Part number: CM887
Photography of Poplin Prints - Stars in Their Eyes


Poplin Prints - Stars in Their Eyes

We definitely had stars in our eyes when we saw this, itís just that great. It is a great quality cotton poplin with a blue base and white star pattern. It would make a great shirt or even a pretty dress.
Part number: CM888
Photography of Can't Believe It's Not Butter


Can't Believe It's Not Butter

This Cotton Poplin reminds me of when children hold buttercups under a friend's chin to see if they like butter, does it remind you of that? Whatever it reminds you of, it is a cheerful, lovely fabric.
Part number: CM884
Photography of Poplin Prints - Cleo - Orange


Poplin Prints - Cleo - Orange

44in wide beautiful orange floral cotton fabric. Printed onto a lovely cotton poplin this will make up beautifully......
Part number: CM875c
Photography of How Now...


How Now...

60inch wide Teflon coated, cotton lightweight trousering in dark chocolate sort of brown, a light sanding has given it a fabulous hand. Country of Origin: Germany
Part number: CM808b
Photography of One Scoop or Two


One Scoop or Two

60 inch wide super fine cotton poplin in a lovely cream with the faintest of dotted pinstripes at 6mm intervals. Thereís an awful lot of yarn in this cloth
Part number: CM808a
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Yellow


Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Yellow

A really lovely simple design in yellow. This is a really nice quality cotton perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking. 45 in wide.
Part number: PP10j
Photography of Poplin Prints - Caroline- Aqua


Poplin Prints - Caroline- Aqua

We had bought a lot of fabrics and I was adamant that I was not going to buy anything else for a while, but I couldn't resist this because I think it is so pretty, so timeless and ageless and by that I mean any baby, girl, woman, lady or grandma could wea
Part number: CM701f
Photography of Poplin Prints - English Rose - Pink


Poplin Prints - English Rose - Pink

Exquisite 100% cotton Poplin fabric with a delicate traditional style floral design perfect for making bridesmaid dresses for all ages
Part number: PP20a
Photography of Love me do - A Woodland Romance - Neutral


Love me do - A Woodland Romance - Neutral

This is a very pretty heart print fabric in beige and neutral tones with highlights of grey, slate blue, oranges. This is a very pretty print on a super quality cotton poplin and at 58in wide is very useful.
Part number: CM613x

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