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Cotton Poplin

Our cotton poplin is lovely quality and is perfect for dressmaking and craft projects, it is easy to sew and will make beautiful garments and products because it is soft and durable. Cotton poplin looks like a plain weave but the difference between them is there is more yarn in the warp of a poplin as it is more densely packed, often with twice as much yarn in the warp as in the weft.

Photography of Elope



Classic paisley in a delightful cream and black combo. This is the type of cloth that you'd wear to sashay down chandelier lit corridors. Or just when you wanted a subtle hint of glamour on your day to day errands.
Part number: CM707
Photography of Savannah



Although this pattern is of an abstract floral design the colours are that of an underwater kingdom aqua, dark aqua, blue, red, pink, lilac. The large scale of this design just makes you want to dive in and wear it.
Part number: CM706
Photography of Love Me Do - Gentle Bloom


Love Me Do - Gentle Bloom

This delightful floral print is small in scale without being 'busy' .With its delicate flowers in pink, purple, aqua and green this cloth can be summed up in one simple phrase: 'pretty and timeless'
Part number: CM708
Photography of Georgia on My Mind


Georgia on My Mind

This is quite unlike most of our cotton poplins as most tend to be smaller in scale, this is a fabulous bold print on a beautiful quality cotton in blacks, browns, blues and cream.
Part number: CM700
Photography of Sunburst - Peachy orange


Sunburst - Peachy orange

60 (152 cm) wide. This is a very nice cotton poplin fabric, in a vibrant but softish peachy orange colour. Suitable for craft projects, think aprons with applique, shirts, dresses, bags. A good all round cloth in a delightful colour.
Part number: CM302a
Photography of Millie Mincent- Peach


Millie Mincent- Peach

Delightful floral design printed onto a super quality 58" wide cotton poplin
Part number: CM613f
Photography of Skull and Roses


Skull and Roses

Skull and Rose Alexander Henry Type Fabric in an all over skull and rose print. Even in the middle of the roses, which are red by the way, there is a little skull. The background is black the skulls are white with blue markings and the odd red tooth, so i
Part number: CM451a
Photography of Poplin prints - Zandra Red


Poplin prints - Zandra Red

Super quality cotton poplin fabric which has a lovely soft hand perfect for dressmaking and crafts in a brilliantly colourful floral design on a black ground.
Part number: PP39b
Photography of Poplin prints - Wimbledon


Poplin prints - Wimbledon

45"wide (114cm) Strawberry patterned cotton poplin fabric. Yum Yum.
Part number: PP22
Photography of Poplin Prints - Wat Spot pale blue with white spot


Poplin Prints - Wat Spot pale blue with white spot

45 wide polka cotton poplin polka white spot print on pale blue.
Part number: PP9c
Photography of Poplin Prints - Wat Spot - Red


Poplin Prints - Wat Spot - Red

Fabulous Poplin Print Red Polka dress and craft fabric. 45 in wide 100% Cotton.
Part number: PP9b
Photography of Love me do - Garden Party


Love me do - Garden Party

A black cotton open weave fabric with a multi-coloured floral print. The pink, orange and blue flowers in this small scale print stand out in a complimenting contrast to the plain white flowers. This fabric could easily take you from day to night and pr
Part number: CM613g

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