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Photography of Bet n' Like - Dots

Bet n' Like - Dots

45'' wide poly/cotton with colourful dots. Great quality at 65% and 35%
Part number: CM659c
Photography of Pretty Polly - Lola

Pretty Polly - Lola

poly/cotton with a sweet floral design.
Part number: PC10
Photography of Poplin Prints - Tiny Rose Navy

Poplin Prints - Tiny Rose Navy

Navy cotton poplin with a small scale pink floral pattern. This has a lovely vintage look to it.
Part number: CM1062
Photography of Poplin Prints - Cleo Pink

Poplin Prints - Cleo Pink

floral cotton fabric. Printed onto a lovely cotton poplin this will make up beautifully.
Part number: CM1060
Photography of Ditto - Blue

Ditto - Blue

Here we have two viscose dress fabrics. both are the same but one is red and one is blue. We have a lot of larger scale dress fabrics this time but these you don't need to think about, easy to sew match and wear. 100% viscose.
Part number: CM125b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Fuchsia Fleur

Poplin Prints - Fuchsia Fleur

The very pretty floral cotton, definitely has a modern feel to it. Pink flowers are intermixed with navy swirls and pink leaves, that have navy outlines. All are set onto an ivory base. Almost totally grown up, but not quite.
Part number: CM1033
Photography of Satin Flowers

Satin Flowers

46” wide polyester, woven hopsack like fabric. Not too tight a weave, I think the word is relaxed, upon which have been sewn black satin flowers. All of which have 5 petals and overall diameter is 4 cm or better still 2 inches, and these too are in black
Part number: CM996
Photography of Rust/Orange Cotton Corduroy

Rust/Orange Cotton Corduroy

orange/rust coloured cotton corduroy
Part number: CM1063
Photography of Alice


There was a famous Alice from Burnley whose house includes a butterfly collection. This cloth has certainly collected a few butterflies among its flowers. Very bright, very cheerful, perfect for little girls.
Part number: CM1031
Photography of Poplin Prints - Catherine - Pink

Poplin Prints - Catherine - Pink

This is a very pretty peach pink cotton poplin with a variety of intermingled white flowers that have green, blue and orange centres. There is also the occasional darker pink flowers, leaves and blue buds.
Part number: CM982b
Photography of Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Blue

Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Blue

This is a very pretty cotton poplin with almost a look of William Morris. The flowers are dark blue, with yellow centres. Among these are smaller scale flowers in light blue, yellow dark red and navy tulips.
Part number: CM1065b
Photography of Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Silver/Grey

Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Silver/Grey

This is a very pretty cotton poplin with almost a look of William Morris. The flowers are pink, with yellow centres. The larger groups of flowers have petals that are fringed with red. Among these, there are yellow, orange and beige coloured smaller scale
Part number: CM1065a

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Buy the Perfect Dress Making Fabric Here at Croftmill

Welcome to our dress making fabrics page where you will find an extremely broad range of different types of dress fabrics for you to buy online. People often contact us to ask what dress fabrics are most suitable for when it comes to clothes and dressmaking. Dress fabrics is a wide term so on this page you will find some fabrics which are more suited to jacketing, some for making trousers and some which are perfect for dress making, be it a poly/viscose in black for work or maybe a printed viscose dress fabric for your holidays.

We try to make our online fabric shop as user friendly as possible so you will find more specific categories on the left, making it easier for you to find the dressmaking fabric you are looking for in more than one place. If you know exactly what you are looking for then using the search box at the top of the page could be very useful and if you cannot find the dress fabric you require then call us and we will be delighted to help.

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