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Photography of Lace


54/56 wide cotton with polyester lace. With a lovely soft finish and a very floral pattern.
Part number: CM911
Photography of Yucatan


This 54 wide acrylic and wool loose knitted jersey in beige, with a very dark brown, very soft and silky lace tacked on to it, that reminds me of something Mexican. I have no idea why, the lace certainly looks like something that a Mexican women of means
Part number: CM948
Photography of Spanish Eyes

Spanish Eyes

56 wide beautiful polyester lace in a fine but dense enough pattern to hide all that you want to hide and enough yarn in it to let it hang under its own weight.
Part number: CM1044
Photography of Body Warmer

Body Warmer

60 wide, polyester/lycra net in black with black individually made flowers stuck on to it. The flowers themselves vary from 4cm to 10cm wide and they are in rows. You would certainly have to wear your Liberty bodice under this.
Part number: CM1043
Photography of Ultrasoft


56 ins wide polyester soft hand lace in a rich damson colour. Not stretchy but a nice give because of the way it is netted
Part number: CM1053

If you want to add some glamour or you simply want to go all out lace then we have different lace and net fabrics you could use with a lining as a skirt or dress or without to add detailing on the sleeve or cuff of a garment. You can buy all of Croft Mill lace fabrics online.

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