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Photography of Compleat - Bronze

Compleat - Bronze

145cm wide permanently narrow pleated polyester taffeta in Bronze which is perhaps made up of dark olive, and pale yellow yarns.
Part number: CM1094b
Photography of Hat Dance

Hat Dance

150cm wide at least striped polyester taffeta which looks fabulous in its own right and can be used as either an outer garment or a wonderful lining. the stripes are horizontal in a variegated pattern in tones of copper bronze olive black a fine orange st
Part number: CM1107
Photography of Lightly Toasted

Lightly Toasted

145 cm wide polyester taffeta with a very slight wrinkled finish. Beautiful in a ball gown and comes in a dark but not navy blue.
Part number: CM1096
Photography of Compleat - Gold

Compleat - Gold

145cm wide permanently narrow pleated polyester taffeta in Gold which is made of light yellow and peach coloured yarns
Part number: CM1094b
Photography of Taffeta - Grey

Taffeta - Grey

60Ē wide steel grey very finely woven polyester taffeta.
Part number: CM1047
Photography of Corset


54" wide polyester, taffeta with bands of fancy weave elastic giving a ruched effect.
Part number: CM896
Photography of Fancy That - Pink, Black, Burgundy, Grey and White Taffeta

Fancy That - Pink, Black, Burgundy, Grey and White Taffeta

66 in wide check taffeta fabric. I havenít seen this before and may be you havenít, it is reversible. On one side there is a check in different tones of black, from white to black, and different tones of red in a plaid weave. The other side.... The photo
Part number: CH10c
Photography of Striped Taffeta  - Brown

Striped Taffeta - Brown

Striped Taffeta - Brown. I am not absolutely certain that this cloth isn't a lining, if it's a lining it's a stormer, if it's for skirts, waistcoats, bodices, that type of thing, it's extremely good. It is a great cloth, a nice hand. 100% polyester.
Part number: CM345a

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