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Photography of Crinkle- Grey Lilac


Crinkle- Grey Lilac

Fantastic Italian heavyweight cotton cheesecloth, the best of the best, I can't quite purvey to you have lovely this is, it is such a wonderful fabric, interesting understated, different, this will make superb trousers or a kaftan top. As with the natu
Part number: CM867a
Photography of Irish Linen- Brown


Irish Linen- Brown

54 inch wide Irish linen suiting
Part number: CM831c
Photography of Irish Linen- Deep Turquoise


Irish Linen- Deep Turquoise

54 inch wide Irish linen suiting
Part number: CM831b
Photography of Irish Linen- Dark Red


Irish Linen- Dark Red

54 inch wide Irish linen suiting
Part number: CM831a
Photography of Rumpled



A 63 inch wide viscose/linen cloth which I think has been made to look as good as ironed as when it’s gone all rumpled it has character. Suitable for skirts and floppy trousers.
Part number: CM809
Photography of Red Linen


Red Linen

A 59” wide bright pillar box red linen, a fairly course linen with a nice slub that will make anything from trousers to jackets.
Part number: CM870
Photography of Sands of Iwo Jima


Sands of Iwo Jima

60’’ wide, 70% linen, 30% cotton. “Denim” fabric in shades of sand of brown and white yarn. It doesn’t have a very soft hand and just a slight sheen to the surface which is created by having so much linen in it. That being the case, of course it will crea
Part number: CM641
Photography of White Linen


White Linen

Thinking of your holidays or summer? This white linen is classic and lightweight. Excellenté
Part number: CM704
Photography of When in Doubt...


When in Doubt...

This is a 52” wide approximately cotton 36%, viscose 34%, linen 10% cheesecloth, in a riot of a paisley/floral pattern. And whilst it looks random, it is not. It has a proper repeat and at 12” intervals across the cloth, it has quite a large chrysanthemu
Part number: CM905
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