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Woollen Suiting

Photography of Bright


Here we have a superb cloth. 150cm wide 50% pure virgin wool and 50% Rayon crepe fabric, almost a dress weight, but certainly lightweight suiting. There is a tiny little pattern woven into the base cloth which from even quite near just looks like weave in
Part number: CM1232
Photography of Lindley


150cm wide 65% wool 35% polyester hacking check suiting in green with a blue and dark burgundy houndstooth check. Not everything comes to he who waits.
Part number: CM1161
Photography of Chekov


didnít know really where to start with this but start with the width its 135cm. itís made of 53% cotton 38% wool and 9% nylon. What will it makeÖ not a suit because the pattern isnít suitable for that but a jacket certainly. Itís in dark grey with an i
Part number: CM1088
Photography of Navy Worsted Suiting Cloth

Navy Worsted Suiting Cloth

60Ē wide pure worsted wool, lightweight suiting in a lovely rich dark navy, there is a little bit of crepeness to the weave, which gives it a little bit of surface interest, beautifully made cloth.
Part number: CM1181
Photography of Summer Suiting- Sandy Basket Weave

Summer Suiting- Sandy Basket Weave

British 60íí wide all wool, lightweight summer suiting. This is a pale sand colour made up of slightly different coloured yarns in a basket weave.
Part number: CM644a
Photography of Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

It would also be prudent at this time to tell you of this 60 inch wide black pure wool worsted suiting whose wondrous nature I am almost a loss to describe. If you want send for a sample you probably will anyway because of the price but e-by-gum is gradle
Part number: CM842b
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60Ē wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: CM1052
Photography of Super D

Super D

60Ē wide, beautiful, lightweight, woollen suiting cloth, in a very fine Donegal tweed. In all truth it canít be Donegal tweed because there is not enough specks of colour, and itís not coarse enough. In fact it feels beautifully soft.But nonetheless its q
Part number: CM1047
Photography of Enjoy


152cm wide 80% Worsted wool, 20% polyester fine check suiting so soft you could almost make a nightie out of it, but it would hardly be passion inducing. But then againÖ The check is made up of many different checks and has lots of lovely, it has to
Part number: CM1243
Photography of And The Prize Goes To...

And The Prize Goes To...

Top class winner all round, a rather splendid wool/mohair lightweight suiting in light navy blue. It is of the finest quality and made for Paul Smith.
Part number: CM1230
Photography of Sombrero - Black

Sombrero - Black

152cm wide poly/wool elastane lightweight suiting/dress fabrics in either black or navy blue. A lovely soft and swirly cloth.
Part number: CM1253a

Wool suiting fabric

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