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Waterproof Fabric

Photography of Oilcloth - Grace Sky

Oilcloth - Grace Sky

We have this pattern in a high quality cotton poplin, but now we have also got backed with PVC. The coating was applied in the UK. This coated cotton will make very pretty bags, table cloths, or even a mac.
Part number: CM870
Photography of Waterproof Canvas - Royal Blue

Waterproof Canvas - Royal Blue

60'' wide washable, breathable polyester weave coated canvas- made for one of the big names in the outdoor sector.
Part number: CM635f
Photography of Oilcloth - Catherine

Oilcloth - Catherine

This PVC coated cotton fabric is so pretty we couldn't resist it, Cath Kidson in its styling its perfect for your craft project or home, for making bags and coats.
Part number: CM673
Photography of Battleship - Waterproof

Battleship - Waterproof

60in wide polyester, finely woven with a synthetic rubber coating and completely waterproof fabric. I canít believe itís entirely breathable; however it is in a fulsome battleship grey colour.
Part number: OT14

I would say here is where you can prepare for winter and get your waterproof fabric. However up here in the north of England, we regularly use waterproof fabrics all year round. Any road, here are our waterproof fabrics for whenever the skies darken.

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