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Wool and wool mix jacketing fabrics

Photography of There Comes A Time


There Comes A Time

Having been around as long as I have, and been in this game as long as I have, not much can surprise, but every so often something crops up that almost takes your breath away. This is one such cloth, it is 54” wide. It’s in black and a brown mix, if it wa
Part number: CM927
Photography of Uninhibited



59”/150cm wide wool, polyester acrylic mix cloth. Which was probably produced after someone had said to the designer “Don’t let your imagination inhibit you” the cloth is basically a flannel. And then they have bonded a sort of felt like cloth to it, whic
Part number: CM912
Photography of Birds Eye


Birds Eye

60” wide pure worsted wool suiting/jacketing with tiny “bird’s eye” weave. Woven in Yorkshire this stunning wool is even suitable for a light weight coating (used with a good lining) Timeless!
Part number: CM892
Photography of Naranjos



54” wide gobsmackingly gorgeous wool, mohair, knitted jacketing in orange made in France for Chanel. Now that is what I call orange. Wonderfully bright and rich. The surface isn’t unlike a heavy bouclé, I’m not sure how to describe the actual knit, but it
Part number: CM937
Photography of Guard



59/60” “150cm” wide guard’s red 80% wool, 20% nylon flannel. In old fashioned money, perhaps an eight ounce cloth, and the depth of colour is gorgeous. If you want a stunning red jacket or coat, this is your man.
Part number: CM938
Photography of Italian Mocha


Italian Mocha

56”/145cm 50% wool, 50% viscose knitted light to medium weight jacketing in a mid grey. It comes in a flat bouclé knit and hails from a very famous Italian maker.
Part number: CM939
Photography of Harry



60” wide black/grey fine herringbone weave, woollen suiting. Another all Yorkshire cloth, which I have seen made up into men’s jackets of the variety that start off at around £500 and finish up in somebody’s sale at £150. Another beautiful cloth.
Part number: CM961
Photography of D'Angelo



60”/150cm wide 30% wool, 70% polyester knitted jersey in a weight suitable for items like bison jackets, the basic cloth is a mottled grey, but that has had a print added to the surface in an abstract geometric pattern in lots of lovely colours including:
Part number: CM941
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