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We have a gorgeous quality of boiled wool. It is a customer favourite because it is easy to sew and comes in a fabulous range of colours.

Boiled wool is a knit wool or wool-blend fabric which gets agitated with hot water in a process called fulling. This process shrinks the fabric and results in a thick felted fabric. This means that it does not fray and should not shrink any further if cared for properly. Boiled wool is great for winter garments, including coats, jackets, cardigans and coatigans. It is the perfect wool for berets, slippers, hats and bags too. The warmth and durability of the fabric make it ideal for blankets, rugs and throws. A truely versatile cloth!

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Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Blush
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Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Blush

145cm wide, Absolutely glorious 100% boiled wool cloth in blush from one of the finest fabric manuf­ac­turers in Europe.
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£30.00 per metre