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Bring Deadstock Fabrics Back to Life!

As awareness of environmental issues continues to grow and the threat of climate change becomes ever-more serious, sustainability is becoming more and more important across the spectrum of industry.

According to data released by the Enviro Audit Committee, the global fashion industry was responsible for over 1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions in 2018 and over 235 million items of clothing are burned or sent to landfills every year.

Designer brands often overestimate how much fabrics and materials they will need, leading to excess production at the textile mills. Sometimes, a particular range of clothing will be discontinued before all of the fabric is used. There are also many offcuts of material left after cutting and sewing processes.

So, what happens to all of this leftover material? Sadly, many designers choose to simply dispose of these fabrics, either sending them to be buried at landfill sites or burned in giant incinerators. Both of these options are damaging to the environment and so a growing number of designers are choosing to make these 'deadstock fabrics' available to purchase by retailers like Croft Mill.

As the need for sustainability becomes continually more apparent, using the deadstock fabrics that would otherwise be wasted is crucial. At Croft Mill, we purchase these fabrics at a reduced price, passing the savings directly on to our customers who can then enjoy designer-quality materials at a fraction of what they would normally cost. As well as saving money, you're also helping to protect the delicate and vulnerable environment when you choose deadstock fabrics from Croft Mill.

All of the deadstock and ex-designer fabrics we supply are of superlative quality and the selection is always changing. While you can always come and check out our website to discover the latest deadstock materials we have in stock, a much better way to make sure you don't miss out is to subscribe to our free, regular newsletter.

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