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British Wool for Creative Crafters

Home- and hand-made gifts are the best kind. If you're planning on crafting fabric gifts for your loved ones this year then you haven't got much time left so you'd better get started soon! In this edition of the Croft Mill blog, we're going to be showcasing some of our favourite styles of British wool cloth, all lovingly made right here in the UK.

Our British wool cloth is guaranteed to be of absolutely superlative quality and is perfect for making all sorts of different garments from dresses and trousers to jackets, gilets and blazers. You can also use it with equal success to make stylish soft furnishings like blinds, curtains and cushions. However and whatever you craft, you'll love the beautiful texture and wide range of colours and patterns available.

The Croft Mill collection of British wool fabric includes:

  • Gamekeeper. This stunning flat tweed cloth boasts a checkered pattern that is at once subtle and striking. The check makes squares with sides of around 10cm, divided by smaller squares throughout the pattern. A delightful colour palette includes green, rust, white and dark/pale grey tones.
  • Wool- 100% British Wool- Game keeper- Fabric- CU
  • Bracken. A fabulous wool tweed fabric rendered in muted greys, blues and browns with a magical hint of lilac white. The positive check seems to meld away as the fabric progresses. 
  • Wool - Bracken - Woollen Checked Grey Mauve Coating Fabric BOLT
  • Speckled Grey. Lovingly made in Yorkshire, this exquisite wool tweed is made in varying shades of grey. Beige, black and ivory tones have been spun into one of the yarns, creating a hypnotic speckled effect across the fabric.
  • Yaarkshire - Delicious. As attractive as its name suggests, Delicious is a heavy wool tweed fabric perfect for creating jackets and skirts for fashionable ladies. The colour scheme is an eye-catching combination of mint, pink and burgundy hues. 
  • Yaarkshire - Delicious - pink and turquoise check - Roll
  • Colony. The deep, rich navy blue colour of this amazing fabric is a delight to behold. Colony, with its super-fine twill weave and tactile satin finish, is simply superb.

All of our British wool fabrics can be supplied with matching linings and thread: you can order these crucial accessories from each product page. Please browse our website to discover the complete collection and don't forget that you can order any two samples free of charge.

Have a crafty Christmas!

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