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Cheap Fabrics for the Christmas Show

Do you need some cheap fabrics for the Christmas panto, show or nativity? We have some fabrics that could just do the job including some great wool fabrics at £3.50 perfect for Shepherds outfits, this has gone quickly since we reduced it and there is only a little bit left.


Great wool fabrics on offer at £3.50 perfect for Shepherds outfits We have the last few bits of The Undyed at £2.00 per metre. You may get this in more than one piece if you order it all but never less than a 1 metre piece.
I have one 6.5 metre roll of a nice white poly cotton seersucker you can have for £10.  We have a nice quality 60in wide black poly/cotton fabric at £3.00 per metre



Cosi, a grey brushed poly cotton at £3.00 per metre could be useful too. Racing Silk an imitation silk is great for decorating and using as a backdrop.
We also have some faulty cotton poplins which have been reduced to £4.00. They have bowed in the weaving process and the patchwork is not quite straight from selvedge to selvedge, you get a very slight curve, they are perfect otherwise.  

Some showy fabrics that are still good value




Shine On - Gold and silver lame fabric, if you need a bit of drama. Amber Nectar because it is so fabulous, gold/ bronze jersey fabric that stretches and doesn’t need hemming. It is cheap for what it is.
These viscose jersey fabrics  are super quality and I realise not so cheap but is perfect as it doesn’t crease or need hemming.  


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