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Divine Denim Fabrics at Croft Mill

Denim is an instantly-recognisable fabric. In this edition of the Croft Mill blog, we'll be looking in more detail at denim fabrics and showcasing some of the different types we have available for purchase here at Croft Mill.

Though there are some older predecessors, what we recognise today as denim was first produced in the French city of Nîmes. This is where the fabric takes its name from: 'denim' is a contraction of the phrase 'serge de Nîmes', which simply means 'serge from Nîmes'.

Denim first began to gain widespread popularity in the late 19th century. A tailor from Nevada, Jacob. W Davis, is credited with manufacturing the very first pair of denim pants which were reinforced with strong rivets. So popular was his invention that demand soon exceeded supply and so Davis moved production to the premises of Levi Strauss & Co, a wholesaler of dry goods. As you are probably already aware, Levi Strauss & Co has since grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of jeans and other denim products.

Denim is made in a twill weaving process. The weft passes under at least two warp threads, resulting in distinctive diagonal ribbing that imbues the fabric with extremely hardwearing properties. Though traditionally made entirely from cotton, some modern fabrics incorporate other materials such as polyester, elastane and Spandex.

Denim comes in a variety of different weights, generally classified as lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight.

  • Lightweight Denim. The softest and most pliable type, lightweight denim is ideal for creating breathable skirts and dresses.
  • Mid-Weight Denim. More sturdy than lightweight denim, this type holds its shape better and is suitable for making trousers, fitted skirts and dungarees.
  • Heavyweight Denim. Thick and sturdy, this is the most hardwearing type of denim. It's perfect for creating loose-fitting garments and workwear such as overalls. This type is also ideal for crafting bags and other accessories. 

A key quality of denim is the way it changes over time. Age and repeated washing softens the fabric, making it more and more comfortable to wear. The colour of denim also fades with age, resulting in a fashionably 'worn' look.

Denim is surprisingly easy to sew with and is extremely versatile. If you haven't tried working with the fabric before then we really recommend it as it can really help to develop your sewing confidence. Here at Croft Mill, we have a wide variety of different denim fabrics to choose from, including:

  • Heavenly: White Butterfly. This is a gorgeous denim chambray shirting fabric which weighs 125gsm (grams per square metre), approximately 4oz. The dark blue fabric has been printed all over with a delightful small-scale pattern comprising myriad butterflies of a pure white colour. Crafted entirely from premium-quality cotton, this super-soft, wonderfully-attractive fabric is perfect for making lightweight summer garments like shirts, shorts and dresses.
    Heavenly - White Butterfly - Cotton Denim Chambray Butterflies Printed Shirting Fabric - Fold Fabric Photo
  • Heavenly: Skull & Crossbones. Also from our 'Heavenly' collection, this denim chambray features an exciting all-over pattern of skull & crossbones motifs. Ideal for crafting clothing for kids and also for an array of different crafts.
    Denim - Heavenly - Skull & Bones - Cotton Skulls Patterned Denim Shirting Fabric CUD
  • Yami. An absolutely classic design prominently featuring the distinctive diagonal ribbing of a woven twill fabric. The rich indigo colour is at once subtle and striking.
    Denim - Yami -  Soft Indigo Twill Cotton - Swirl
  • Henley Stripe. Stripes are bang on-trend for this season and so trendy types will love this lightweight denim, newly added to our fabric collection at Croft Mill. The deep blue denim features an eye-catching butcher's stripe pattern in an exquisite cream colour. 
    Denim - Henley Stripe - Blue Cream Striped Cotton Denim Trousering Fabric d

We currently have an eclectic selection of denim set pieces available with attractive, limited-time price discounts of up to 35%. Please browse our website to discover these along with our complete range of denim dress fabrics.

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