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How To Sew Easy, Zip-Free Cushion Covers

If you're looking for a quick, cost-effective way to give a room a bit of a face-lift for the new year, then why not try making some new cushion covers? They're really easy to make, as our step-by-step guide below will show you. You can choose from a vast range of fabrics from Croft Mill to get exactly the look you want.

  1. The first thing to do is to wash and dry your fabric. Then give it a quick iron before you start.
  2. Measure your cushion pad then cut out a square of fabric that is around 5cm larger than the pad. For example, if your cushion is 45cm x 45cm then the square of fabric you cut should be 50cm x 50cm. 
  3. Cut out a rectangle of fabric the same height as but half the width of the previous square. In our example, this rectangle will be 50cm x 25cm.
  4. Cut out another rectangle the same height as the first square but two-thirds the width. In our example, this will be a rectangle of 50cm x 33.3cm.
  5. The two rectangles you have cut out will form the back of an envelope cushion. Fold over 1cm on one side of a rectangle that is the same width as the square.
  6. Using a straight stitch, sew as close to the raw edge as you can get on both rectangles of fabric. If your sewing machine doesn't have a needle that can be repositioned, move the fabric until the needle just touches its edge to prevent it from fraying. When finished, iron both pieces. 
  7. Lay the rectangles on top of the square with the right sides together. Pin all the way around. 
  8. Sew all four sides. When you come to the overlap of the back pieces, use a back stitch to reinforce. 
  9. Clip the corners to give nice sharp points. 
  10. Turn the cover so it is right-side-out and push out the corners.
  11. Insert the cushion pad and you're done!

Check out the Croft Mill website to discover our full range of cotton fabrics, with well over 1,200 different options! Happy crafting!

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