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Fabric out of stock!! Help

We often get asked why our fabrics are still on the website when they are out of stock.

There are a number of reasons for this so let me explain. We tend to leave the fabrics on for the life of a catalogue (the length of time for this varies) and the reason for this is as follows. When a new catalogue get sent out*, customers will often shop online or refer to the website. They may not do this immediately and so we leave the fabrics on, otherwise we get asked why the fabric isn’t there. Another reason can be is that the fabric is coming back into stock very soon so we leave them on and sometimes fabrics come in and go back out of stock very quickly. So it could be that you are just getting unlucky. We are working on an ‘email me when back in stock function’ but to help for now we have changed the new section to ‘new and re-stocked’.

Sadly we aren’t Amazon, how fine that would be, so we don’t have a fabulously fan dangled system and of course there is human error and we will hold our hand up and say that yes some do get missed.

*We don’t send out catalogues to everyone, just people who ask. Please let us know if you want one here.

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