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Fabulous Fabrics: A Touch of Luxury

Here at Croft Mill, our selection of fabrics includes literally thousands of different options. Many of these are suitable for everyday use but sometimes you want a little (or a lot!) of luxury to create something extra special. We've got you well and truly covered. Here we showcase a small selection of our premium fabrics...

  • Set Piece: Zsa Zsa. From the look and feel of this stunning fabric, you'd never guess that it was polyester. The floral design is an extravaganza of colour and the fabric has a delightful lustre that really has to be seen to be believed. A fine woven pinstripe runs throughout the design. We guarantee that you will fall in love with this uniquely beautiful fabric. 
    Set Piece: Zsa Zsa
  • Guipure Lace: Ivory. Create divine wedding garments using this alluring lace, which is rendered in the classic bridal colour of Ivory. The guipure method of lacemaking is unique: the hypnotic motifs are stitched onto an ultra-fine fabric which, during the finishing process, disintegrates completely. This results in a lace that doesn't have the visible net seen on more traditional lace types. Effortlessly elegant, this heavenly guipure lace is much stronger than it looks and could be used with equal success in the train, skirt or bodice of a bridal gown. Also available in a nude colour option.
    Guipure Lace: Ivory
  • Boiled Wool: Pure Luxury. Sourced from one of the most highly-renowned fabric manufacturers in the whole of Europe, our 'Pure Luxury' range of 100% boiled wool cloth is nothing short of glorious. The fabric weighs in at a heavy 385gsm (grams per square metre), making it ideal for creating warm garments to see you comfortably through winter and spring. A wide range of colour options is available including Charcoal, Fuchsia, Silver Grey, Apple, Brown, Cerise, Deep Red, Denim, Lime, Dusky Pink, Metal Grey, Petrol and Royal Blue.
    Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Dusky Pink - Fold
  • Wool Tweed: Bracken. Simple and sophisticated, this thoroughly British wool tweed utilises a muted colour palette of grey, brown and blue with hints of lilac, creating a positive check which melds away beautifully. Bracken is a versatile fabric that can be used with equal success to create anything from stylish jackets to unique soft furnishings.
    Wool Tweed: Bracken

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