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20th Sep 2009, 19:58
So pleased to see you back. I was a customer for over 20years and greatly missed not only your fantastic fabric but also the catalogue which was not only informative but highly entertaining. I seem to have missed out on receiving anything through the post saying you are back and only found out by chance.
I look forward to shopping with you again. I have not found anywhere else to match.
18th Sep 2009, 22:03
wow you are back, cant wait for your catalogue
14th Sep 2009, 19:29
So glad you are back. Every second year I have bought your fabrics for our Panto. I miss the lovely catalogue!!
10th Sep 2009, 13:10
chris wackett
ya beauty ! you are back ! i nearly fell over myself with excitement when i saw the envelope with your logo on it this morning . oh joy unconfined.
i haven't bought any fabric since your last catalogue . sniff . been using my stash but my interest in sewing had waned with your denmise. it just wasn't the same without you . but now you are back ! wayhay i can't terll you how happy that makes me . thankyou
9th Sep 2009, 14:29
Jo Mosen Dorset
Welcome back Croft !
So glad to get the envelope with your name on it. Like getting back an old friend who was lost.
I have ordered from Croft for many years and had many a happy moment reading the catalogue. This new web site is great and I hope soon to be ordering again as in the past.
All the very best to you all.
7th Sep 2009, 23:40
Pat A
Thank you for your catalogue, it seems a long time ago since I last read your material descriptions and had a chuckle or two!!
I think your website is very good and I look forward to keeping up with your new stocks.
3rd Sep 2009, 12:10
Rosey Watson
Delighted to receive your newletter today and haved now looked at the website, great. Glad you are back in business, although I'm not so sure my hysband will be!
9th Aug 2009, 10:16
I am pleased to see your return. Over many years I have used and
enjoyed your service. I was always surprised by the quality of
your materials and I have made some amazing objects from sun bed covers - dog jackets - mended
tents - made shopping bags - made raincoats - the list is endless.
So I am pleased to see your web
site and that I shall be able to buy
quality fabrics at prices I can afford
8th Aug 2009, 12:18
When informed that you were closing down it was as if another one of the lights had gone out. Shortly before this doom-laden day arrived I had visited the mill shop in Foulridge when we passed through the area on our way home from Scotland (we made a detour especially). I was delighted to have visited Croft Mill after more than 20 years of reading your marvellous catalogues. It was a glorious September day and I had a happy time selecting fabrics to stuff into the last remaining spaces in the car, followed by a wonderful 'all-day breakfast' in the cafe just down the road - can you imagine how sorry I was to learn you were closing down? When your newsletter arrived I pounced on it with shrieks of joy. I wish you well and hope the venture succeeds so that I can still read the catalogues in whatever format they take for the next 20 years and more.
5th Aug 2009, 20:06
Rosalind Harrison
Well done. Welcome back. I've missed the humorous copy and glimpses of home life of the catalogue writer, golf, wet socks, family ridicule and all. Missed the fabric bargains too.