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Here at Croft Mill, we are passionate about providing our customers with the widest possible choice of top-quality fabrics. That's why we constantly update our catalogue with new materials, as well as replenishing our stocks of firm customer favourites.

Our portfolio of new and restocked fabrics is collated together on a dedicated page of our website for your convenience.

Now that almost all lockdown restrictions have been lifted (finally!), all of those postponed events like weddings, christenings and parties can now take place.

If you're planning on attending such an event then you obviously want to look your best and so this edition of the Croft Mill blog showcases some of our most stylish and luxurious fabrics with which you can create unique, stunning garments of all kinds.

Great & British

Now that Brexit has become a reality, it's never been more important to support British trade. Britain has a strong heritage of wool manufacture and these gorgeous herringbone suiting fabrics are proudly made in one of Britain's, and indeed the world's, very best wool factories. These crisp yet soft fabrics are ideal for making skirts, dresses, jackets and trousers and are available in four different colour options: Grey, Mid Blue, Navy Blue or Pale Blue.

Great & British - Grey - Wool Fabric Herringbone - Swirl

Butterfly Jacquard

Craft statement skirts, jackets and tops with this wonderful jacquard brocade dress fabric. The base colour is Black, which is printed all over with a delightful design of flowers and butterflies in a sumptuous palette of colours that includes Grey, Turquoise, Mustard and Pink, shot through with eye-catching Silver.

Is It A Bird - Polyester-Jacketing -Butterfly- Material-CUD


The name of this fabric should tell you all you need to know! Available in Black, Plum or Navy colour options and produced by top brand Carrington Fabrics, Dazzle is ideal for crafting superb prom dresses and other evening wear. The jersey fabric is of a light- to mid-weight, perfect for those sultry summer nights! Especially flattering and with plenty of horizontal stretch, this easy-to-sew fabric glitters fetchingly as it catches the light.

Dazzle - Navy- Polyester- Knit- sparkle- dress-fabric-cu

Check out our website to discover hundreds more new and restocked dress fabrics. have a stylish summer with Croft Mill!

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