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I might well have seen many varieties of denim over the years but never seen so many as I have before me. I was Presented with a dilemma as to whether or not to stay true to the lockdown or to go outside and sit in the sunshine and talk to you about cloth. The mill have taken delivery of about 40 different types of denim, so to help I’ve decided on the latter and I am now ensconced on a garden bench surrounded by bits of denim. I’m just about half way through chatting about them for the benefit of the team getting them online and I’m just losing the will a little bit!

When I was involved in the manufacturing of denim, down the road from here, at Smith and Nephew, we wove 2 cloths blue or blue, then the Americans came calling and wanted another blue, then Marks & Spencer came in and wanted another blue. I suppose that's what it’s all stemmed from. Now the production of denim is immense and there are so many different types. One of the things has made denim an endearing fabric over the last few decades is that people have found ways to make it into a fashion cloth and as a result that comes in many different weights and colours. We have a huge variety, strong, soft , lightweight, wash, brushed, traastional, indigo, get black, so, surely there is a denim fabric here for you.

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WFH - Our New Denim Collection - Croft Mill Fabric

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