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Our Top 5 Patterns for Sewing with Boiled Wool

When it comes to cosy, versatile fabrics, boiled wool is a top choice. Its unique texture, warmth and durability makes it a fantastic option for creating stylish garments. Here at Croft Mill, we offer a stunning array of over 40 colours, and today we are sharing our top five sewing patterns that perfectly complement this wonderful material.

1. The Berlin Jacket Pattern by Tessuti

Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Blue Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Fool Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Tuscant

The Berlin Jacket from Tessuti is a classic piece with a modern twist. Its clean lines and relaxed fit make it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. When crafted from boiled wool, it becomes a cosy yet chic outer layer. The substantial feel of boiled wool adds a touch of luxury to this pattern. Choose from our extensive range of boiled wool colours to create a Berlin Jacket that suits your personal style - whether it's a muted grey for everyday elegance or a bold jewel tone to make a statement.

2. The Amara Vest Sewing Pattern by Tessuti

The_Amara_Vest_Sewing_Pattern_1 Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Fool Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Tuscant

If you're searching for a versatile layering piece, look no further than the Amara Vest by Tessuti. This pattern is an ideal addition to any relaxed outfit, offering loose, boxy styling and perfect for showcasing the texture and warmth of boiled wool. Whether you opt for a neutral shade or a vibrant hue from our selection, your Amara Vest will quickly become a go-to piece for adding both style and warmth to your outfits.

3. The Petra Coat Pattern by Style Arc

The_Amara_Vest_Sewing_Pattern_1 Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Fool Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Tuscant

Introducing the Petra Coat pattern by Style Arc, a stylish and oversized outerwear option that is an excellent choice for boiled wool. This knee-length coat boasts a design that’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer details of fashion. With its slightly oversized fit and wide sleeves, the Petra Coat embraces a relaxed yet modern silhouette. It's the epitome of effortless chic. Boiled wool's natural warmth and substantial feel perfectly complement the Petra Coat pattern, creating a cosy and structured outerwear piece that combines comfort with contemporary style.

4. The Flatiron Coat Pattern by The Sewing Workshop

Flatiron Coat 1 Flatiron Coat 2 Flatiron Coat 4 Flatiron Coat 3

The Flatiron Coat & Jacket pattern from The Sewing Workshop is a stylish, modern take on outerwear. When paired with boiled wool, it becomes a luxurious and warm statement piece. The weight and texture of boiled wool provide a beautiful drape for this design. Whether you prefer earthy tones or something more vibrant, you'll find the perfect boiled wool shade among our offerings to make your Flatiron Coat truly special.

5. The Florence Coat Pattern by Tessuti

The_Amara_Vest_Sewing_Pattern_1 Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Fool Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Tuscant

The Florence Coat by Tessuti is a perfect match for boiled wool fabrics. Its relaxed, oversized silhouette complements the substantial feel of boiled wool, ensuring both comfort and style. The coat's edge-to-edge front design makes it ideal for layering during the colder seasons, while the raw edge and hem finishes are beautifully enhanced by boiled wool's fray-resistant nature. Crafted with boiled wool, the Florence Coat not only embraces the cosy warmth of this fabric but also exudes an effortlessly chic and timeless appeal.

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Image Credit: Tessuti / Style Arc / The Sewing Workshop

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