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Photography of A Sarong For You

A Sarong For You

This is a lovely Indonesian style cotton print fabric, mainly blue in feel due to the slate blue ground offset very nicely with the pop of accent colours of turquoise, pink, purple, orange and grey.
Part number: 1560
Photography of Pretty Polly - Aqua Daisy

Pretty Polly - Aqua Daisy

A traditional and classy lovely floral in Aqua, very pretty and easy to use fabric for craft projects and making a dress or blouse.
Part number: 1564
Photography of 5 Hole Broderie Anglaise

5 Hole Broderie Anglaise

A nice and soft 5 Hole Broderie Anglaise in white
Part number: CM997
Photography of Poplin Print- Marry Me

Poplin Print- Marry Me

112cm wide graphic print of a daisy, similar in style to Marrimekko, It comes in a coral orange on a pale cream ground.
Part number: 1567
Photography of La Strada

La Strada

A rather superb Alexander Henry Vintage vogue style print on a super cotton base, we only have a tiny amount.
Part number: 1569
Photography of Poplin Prints - Field of Dreams - Blue

Poplin Prints - Field of Dreams - Blue

Another elegant cotton print with a sophisticated colour palate, a bed of pale blue and green flowers set on a dark navy ground all highlighted in gold.
Part number: 1566
Photography of Poplin Prints - Javanese - Rust

Poplin Prints - Javanese - Rust

An Elegant oriental style cotton print on in a sophisticated colour palate of a rust sienna ground with pink and lilac flowers all highlighted in gold.
Part number: 1565
Photography of Pretty Polly  - Bottie Wat Wat - red

Pretty Polly - Bottie Wat Wat - red

Do you have a degree in Robotics? Set on a red base these little robots come in all shapes and colours.
Part number: CM1198
Photography of Apple Twist

Apple Twist

 Superb Italian made fine cotton poplin in a very delicate shade of apple green. 
Part number: 1562
Photography of Mango


A fine cotton poplin in a very delicate shade of pale mango. Possibly a pale but rich lemon. A crisp and very clean looking superb quality cloth. 
Part number: 1562h
Photography of Rather Tasty

Rather Tasty

60 in wide rather tasty, Italian made very fine cotton chambray in pale lilac.
Part number: 1562e
Photography of When is a chambray not a chambray?

When is a chambray not a chambray?

This pale sage green fine cotton cloth is made like a chambray in that it has a pale cream weft and the colour is in the warp.
Part number: 1562

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