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Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Blue Marina

Satin Backed Crepe - Blue Marina

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed teal crepe dress fabric.
Part number: 985p
Photography of Cotton poly Cotton - Mini

Cotton poly Cotton - Mini

Between 6/7 Meters. 0.4/0.6 meter pieces of poly cotton fabrics. Plain or pattered and of different weights. Non returnable
Part number: 2041
Photography of Wool- Truely Scrumptious

Wool- Truely Scrumptious

150cm wide. Truly sumptuous wool with 3% nylon. If you do have a problem with olive green overcome it, you need this cloth itís gorgeous.
Part number: 2040j
Photography of Wool- Bottle It

Wool- Bottle It

150cm wide. Another gorgeous wool flannel 97% wool 3% Nylon. Lightly brushed flannel, in a bottle green.
Part number: 2040k
Photography of Wool- Forest Green

Wool- Forest Green

152cm wide. Lightly brushed 100%wool, Melton coating in bottle green. Dark enough to wear to both wedding and funerals.
Part number: 2040h
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

150cm wide. Lightly brushed Melton 95% wool 5% nylon coating which gives the cloth a little bounciness and lightness, it comes in another shade of mustard, rather more English than French but also just has a hint of sweetness about it.
Part number: 2040i
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

150cm wide. 95% wool 5 % cashmere. Brushed Melton coating in a sort of dark peachy colour and if you donít like peach pretend it isnít because Iím not so sure if thatís a good description, itís a great colour, lovely and warm as indeed it will be to wear
Part number: 2040g
Photography of Wool- England

Wool- England

140cm wide. What in some peopleís eyes would be described as a whist of England cloth, Iím not sure what that means but I have had a jacket at some point made of a whist of England cloth and this is very similar, a fairly fine but not thin, soft, smooth w
Part number: 2040b
Photography of Wool- Prince of Wales

Wool- Prince of Wales

150cm wide. Quite delicately patterned prince of wales check wool suiting in beige and a darker brown. Itís described as tweed and probably is in that it has quite a bit of weave interest. Quite at home in jackets, skirts or indeed coats.
Part number: 2040c
Photography of Wool- Country Tweed

Wool- Country Tweed

Wonderful county tweed check skirt jacket weight woollen tweed in grey taupe, pale blue and what appears to be a navy blue or black and there are different tones in the colours as the yarns cross each other to form this rather splendid good size check.
Part number: 2040f
Photography of Wool- Hansome

Wool- Hansome

All of the above applies to this cloth as well. This is sort of a medium sized hanston check in a pale grey green, brown and mushroom and this too is 150cm wide.
Part number: 2040e
Photography of Wool- Weavers Art

Wool- Weavers Art

152cm wide. Quite substantial wool coating in a very traditional, fairly large check incorporating lots of colours in the yarns, yarns of mixed colours all very intricately woven. A supreme example of a wool weaverís art.
Part number: 2040a

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