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Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Photography of Queen Rose

Queen Rose

This 150cm wide purple and black polyester jacquard taffeta dress fabric is just stunning, not dissimilar to something I saw in Ted Baker last week. This floral fabric is exquisite and will look beautiful in dresses, skirts and jackets. You could make tro
Photography of Beautiful Jacquard

Beautiful Jacquard

This is quite frankly a beautiful navy jacquard dress fabric. It is made from 57% Viscose 38% Polyester and 5% Elastane. Exquisite! It is suitable for dresses ,trousers ,jackets all of which will look stunning.
Photography of Catherine


150cm wide This is another of our Polyester fabrics from Spain....  From a mill in Spain specialising in the production of polyester dress fabrics.
Part number: 4075
Photography of Grrr


150cm wide.This comes from a Spanish mill specialising in polyester production. This is no ordinary polyester dress fabric, the quality could be described as designer. I hate to use such terminology but... 
Part number: 4073
Photography of A Soft Spot For...

A Soft Spot For...

This is a 150cm wide polyester velour burn-out jersey dress fabric.
Part number: 4072
Photography of James Bond

James Bond

150cm wide. poly wool elastane super fine lightweight gabardine suiting in black.
Part number: 4072
Photography of Grandma's Feather Bed

Grandma's Feather Bed

140cm wide poly viscose and 3% elastane suiting of incredible softness. The overall effect might be olive but in the very fine weave there’s a birdseye check in much lighter green and possibly beige
Part number: 4070
Photography of Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

This 150cm wide 45% wool 55% polyester finest gabardine, all of which is woven into a band on the selvedge in gold on this black suiting.
Part number: 4065
Photography of Damsonite


140cm wide poly, viscose, elastane suiting in a deep damson colour, with a fancy double pinstripe.
Part number: 4063
Photography of Gobsmaker


150cm wide cream 89% viscose, 11% linen lightweight suiting in a rich cream with an incredible amount of detail in the weave.
Part number: 4062
Photography of Spring Creative - Comic Covers

Spring Creative - Comic Covers

112cm wide Springs Creative craft cotton. This fabric is full of comic covers, some of them at jaunty angles, giving the impression they have been scattered on top of each other
Discount 15%
Part number: 1465v

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