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Photography of Get Flocked

Get Flocked

A 148cm wide fine white cotton vaguely crinkled cheesecloth type fabric with an all over tiny spot woven in flocked design. A lovely soft hand and just a tad bohemian.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Magpie


A lovely white cotton lawn fabric, with a pretty sequined embroired floral design
Part number: 1923
Photography of Not One For Alan

Not One For Alan

I don't think Alan was impressed with this one. We on the other hand thought you might be. A 100% polyester fake ivory metallic leather onto which has been stitched little sequins in the same colour. 
Part number: 1926
Photography of Blue Sky

Blue Sky

A 140cm wide very lightly wrinkled plain pale blue cotton with a large ribbon embroidered floral in the same colour, by now I’m sure you know what I mean by ribbon embroidered. It is strips of the original cloth, cut into strips, made into a design and se
Part number: 1924
Photography of Holier Than Thou

Holier Than Thou

A 135cm wide black cotton embroidered cloth, in a not too fancy pattern of stripes with holes in them. Some of the holes have suggestions of petals around them but they don’t really look like flowers. Worth its weight in potatoes.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Clothworks - Tumble Town

Clothworks - Tumble Town

Oh no! All of the houses on this yellow quilting cotton seem to have tumbled over! Though it has got to be said, some are more upright than others... I'm sure the washing lines will dry all the same. Lovely quality stuff, it will make up into a fun quilt
Part number: 1911
Photography of Clothwork - Scrumptious White

Clothwork - Scrumptious White

A lovely quality crafting cotton from Clothworks, with a variety of sweet treats printed onto a white base. This cloth is truly, truly scrumptious.
Part number: 1910
Photography of Clothwork - Scrumptious Pink

Clothwork - Scrumptious Pink

A lovely quality crafting cotton from Clothworks, with a variety of sweet treats printed onto a soft pink base. This cloth is truly, truly scrumptious.
Part number: 1910
Photography of Clothworks  - Owl Be Watching You

Clothworks - Owl Be Watching You

Of course I may not be watching you now, but the little fellow on this cotton certainly is. A brilliant quality biscuity-yellow quilting cotton, with all the animals you would find in a garden, or even a forest. You can almost hear the crickets chirp. 
Part number: 1907
Photography of Poplin Prints - Denver

Poplin Prints - Denver

If you were just to glance at this fabric, you might think, out of the corner of your eye that it was just printed with white and pale blue circles on the grey base. However on closer inspection there are small red dashes, as if to mimic stitching that tr
Part number: 1905
Photography of Poplin Prints - A Stitch in Time

Poplin Prints - A Stitch in Time

A stitch in time, saves nine. Or at least that is what my mother used to say, especially when it comes to buttons. There are various buttons, bobbins, pins and safety pins scattered all over this white cotton poplin. In fact the design looks similar to th
Part number: 1904
Photography of Poplin Prints - Dante

Poplin Prints - Dante

You could imagine this print artfully carved into a lady's dresser, where she would store her gown for tomorrow's ball. Although I cannot promise this cotton poplin will take you to a ball, I can promise the mixture of reds, green and yellows on a charm b
Part number: 1903

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