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Photography of The Perfect Tea Dress - LuLu

The Perfect Tea Dress - LuLu

Gorgeous coral red with an ivory flower on a standard quality viscose.
Part number: 2106
Photography of Embroidered Lawn 2 - Tea/Cream

Embroidered Lawn 2 - Tea/Cream

148cm wide tea/cream embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: 1320b
Photography of Your Sacked!

Your Sacked!

A neutral hessian fabric with a good width too it. You could make lots of things from it, but if you're feeling sporty, may I suggest a sack race or a go on the helter-skelter?
Part number: 2020
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Here we have a lovely quality lightweight jersey in a soft yellow. It is a substantial yellow, but not a bright-in-your-face shade. As it is lightweight it would be perfect for a cowl neck.
Part number: 1955b
Photography of Barbour Lining - Bronze

Barbour Lining - Bronze

Good quality polyester dress lining in a dark, almost brown, gold - made for Barbour.
Part number: 1530
Photography of 3 and 5 Hole Broderie Anglaise

3 and 5 Hole Broderie Anglaise

A nice quality 112cm wide 3 or 5 hole Broderie Anglaise fabric in either cream or white, the 3 hole is pictured.
Part number: 15
Photography of 6 Hole Broderie Anglaise

6 Hole Broderie Anglaise

A nice and soft 6 Hole Broderie Anglaise in white, this is a finer brodeie anglaise than our 3 and 5 hole, the weight is between a lawn and a poplin so the cloth is not as dense.
Part number: 997
Photography of A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past

147cm wide two cloths in one jacketing, both cloths are cotton which are bonded together by a membrane between the two giving an almost water proof fabric. There is an inherent stiffness in the fabric but not too much. This cloth will have been superseded
Part number: 1080
Photography of A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

The cloth is black, it has a dull satin finish, scruples fairly well in the hand but not entirely crease free by any stretch of the imagination, probably a 7oz weight in old money, which makes it slightly heavier than the Chino, it is a gorgeous soft hand
Part number: 399
Photography of A Definite Maybe

A Definite Maybe

A 150cm wide blue and white small check gingham suiting in blue and white polyester elastane. You may have seen this is in tightly fitted trousers, or indeed a fairly loose fitting jacket.
Part number: 1863a
Photography of A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

For likely I suppose, you could read lacey. It must be the time of year, when a young man’s fancy turns to the flowing movement of lace fabrics. It does depend of course, on what it is likely to wear with them; velvet jackets and breaches, knickerbocker b
Part number: 1227
Photography of A Likely Tale

A Likely Tale

This is another, unusual it has to be said, Ralph Lauren fabric made of very fine cotton and linen yarns. It is printed in a denim blue, with an all over fish print and the fish aren’t too small either. I have no idea what type of fish they are, but there
Part number: 1573

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