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Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Part number: 4113
Photography of A Collection - Blue Kaftan

A Collection - Blue Kaftan

150cm wide, Kaftan Blue – A mid blue ground with a square print not unlike item C with a border in dotted green and yellow and then pink floral detailing towards the centre of the square.
Part number: 1808B09f
Photography of A Collection - Gilt Black

A Collection - Gilt Black

150cm wide, Gilt Black – A very Eastern all over colourful design on a black ground with lots of gold detailing.
Part number: 1808B09g
Photography of A Collection - Kaftan White

A Collection - Kaftan White

150cm wide, Kaftan White – A white background or perhaps it is a very pale blue. Decorative window pane like squares about 10cm square with floral detailing towards the centre.
Part number: 1808B09c
Photography of A Collection - Mauve

A Collection - Mauve

150cm wide, Mauve - Pale mauve background with a growing leafy fine pattern interspersed with what looks to be hot air balloons viewed from above, and these come in pale orange, red, darker blue and a deeper mauve.
Part number: 1808B09b
Photography of A Conversation

A Conversation

156cm wide, 180gsm², 95% cotton, 5% Elastane. This is a lovely cotton jersey in mustard with assorted loops and flowers in black, white, pale pink and pale blue. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1902H02*
Photography of A Grey Day

A Grey Day

145cm wide, grey 67% polyester, 32% viscose, 1% Lycra, flannel suiting, I think this cloth has had the finest of brushing to give it this incredible soft handle.
Part number: 1810M04*
Photography of A Lace Collection- Aqua

A Lace Collection- Aqua

140cm wide, Tulle Lace, this has a pale aqua -marine net tulle with the same colour for the embroidered floral and corded pattern that adorns it.
Part number: 1809C09
Photography of A Lace Collection- Floral Delight

A Lace Collection- Floral Delight

134cm wide, lace tulle with an all over tiny circular floral design in peach, pale gold and pale grey all on a nude net ground with a scalloped edge, truly delightful.
Part number: 1809C12
Photography of A Lace Collection- Lace Mesh

A Lace Collection- Lace Mesh

140cm wide, in pink and cream and is made up of tiny little cream and pink embroidered flowers with silver sequins dotted hither and dither, which together make a fairly substantial cloth albeit very delicate in appearance and rather pretty.
Part number: 1810C07
Photography of A Lace Collection- Pale Grey

A Lace Collection- Pale Grey

130cm wide, rather unusual guipure type floral lace in pale grey. This lace material is quite substantial, and although it looks like cotton it is actually polyester, it's soft and doesn't crease.
Part number: 1809C02
Photography of A Lace Collection- Royal Shield

A Lace Collection- Royal Shield

130cm wide, fabulously vivid royal blue guipure lace fabric, this comes in a small scale geometric pattern and has a finished (straight) but not scalloped edge.
Part number: 1810C05

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