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Photography of A Collection - Mauve

A Collection - Mauve

150cm wide, Mauve - Pale mauve background with a growing leafy fine pattern interspersed with what looks to be hot air balloons viewed from above, and these come in pale orange, red, darker blue and a deeper mauve.
Part number: 1808B09b
Photography of A Grand Design - Heavenly

A Grand Design - Heavenly

150cm wide a lovely mid grey with an all over beautifully coloured floral print.
Part number: 7316e
Photography of A Hint Of Madness

A Hint Of Madness

150cm wide, super fine polyester crepe whisper light and floaty in a design that might have been created by someone who would be a bit miffed at something.
Part number: 1806E01
Photography of A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

135cm polyester lace in cream, a pale cream with an open knit pattern into which at 6cm intervals in a line of slight brushing; which is a little bit different and rather nice.
Part number: 1227
Photography of A Problem

A Problem

it is a black cotton lightweight trousering with the tiniest of woven diamond shapes. In addition to this it has a very soft hand and a dull sheen to the finish. It can be formal or in-formal according to your mood. 154cm wide.
Part number: 1807P01
Photography of A Short Intermission

A Short Intermission

150cm wide, lightweight, cotton, trousering in a fine Prince of Wales check in different shades of blue.
Part number: 1805J16
Photography of A Small Gathering - Dark Red

A Small Gathering - Dark Red

150cm wide soft taffeta in a dark ruby red brought about by using red yarn and black yarns, which is only really discernible if you tear it and pull the threads out. The threads are obviously very fine and the result in colour is quite magnificent. Good f
Part number: 6171b
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

150cm wide acetate changeant taffeta lining from a small but now defunct tailoring operation. it comes in a pale sea green with a hint of lilac.
Part number: 6171c
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Turquoise

A Small Gathering - Pale Turquoise

150cm wide taffeta lining from a small and now defunct tailoring operation. This is a lightly iridescent pale turquoise
Part number: 6171d
Photography of Aces


Down and sideways, from France this 150cm wide, black, fine polyester crepe weave dress fabric with a very sparse, spindly almost growing floral pattern in pink cream, pale beige and two shades of blue.
Part number: 1807P12
Photography of Africa


This 155cm wide fine cotton twill trousering in darkest brown reminds me of Africa, why on earth would that be.
Part number: 1608501
Photography of Ala Greque

Ala Greque

This 150cm wide fine polyester crepe dress fabric comes in a shade of dark khaki/olive.
Part number: 7212

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