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Photography of Triple Crepe - Silver

Triple Crepe - Silver

160cm wide superb quality polyester heavy triple crepe dress fabric in silver.
Part number: 1811P01
Photography of Triple Crepe - Deepest Darkest Purple

Triple Crepe - Deepest Darkest Purple

160cm wide superb quality polyester heavy triple crepe dress fabric in deepest darkest purple.
Part number: 1811P02
Photography of Spotify


152cm wide, rather fine, vaguely crinkled, polyester chiffon in navy blue with an all over tiny polka dot pattern in white.
Part number: 1807BS02
Photography of Boma


160cm wide polyester elastane, Peachskin jersey in what is described as an animal print. There may be some elements of animal in the design but overall its heavily disguised but rather splendid. Gloriously soft and comfy to handle.
Part number: 1810H45
Photography of Northanger


170cm wide, beautifully fine cotton jersey in black, with and all over spiders web pattern in cream.
Part number: 1807J01
Photography of Thar She Blows!

Thar She Blows!

148cm wide very fine polyester georgette in navy with a tiny all over quiet small flying bird or butterfly print in cream. It is really just a shape, you will have to make your own minds up about what it is.
Part number: 18058O16
Photography of Missy


150cm wide, soft silky polyester woven Georgette with a tiny interweave pattern making this look expensive. It comes in a shade of coral reminiscent of a glorious sunrise
Part number: 1807BS02
Photography of Witches Brew

Witches Brew

150cm wide, soft handle, fine, polyester crepe dress fabric in deepest black, quite floaty but still dense enough to cover all. This is really very nice.
Part number: 1807BN05
Photography of Sunny


The label says lemon curd, whilst I thought that was a bit funny, oddly enough it might even resemble lemon curd. What is it? It is a fabulous 158cm wide cotton 6 whale cord trousering which has been in some awfully expensive trousers which I would of dea
Part number: 1810J06
Photography of Muslin-Black


158cm wide, Egyptian cotton, black, fine muslin. I know you will have just the job for this.
Part number: 1807L01
Photography of Broadly Speaking

Broadly Speaking

150cm wide, quite hefty, cotton canvas in a quite bold dark red, cream plaid check with black forming the edges to the stripes. So we finish up with a check where the cream and red yarns cross you get another colour, which is either pink or a darker shade
Part number: 1808J31
Photography of Bargain Hunt - Mistaken Identity

Bargain Hunt - Mistaken Identity

On my first acquaintance of this cloth I was forced into the expletive of “by gum”, because I did not believe what was said on the ticket, thankfully being amongst cloths I was right. 150cm wide, superfine, lightweight, wool suiting, in dark khaki/olive.
Part number: 1808J33

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